Jam & Jerusalem. Image shows from L to R: Rosie Bales (Dawn French), Sal Vine (Sue Johnston). Copyright: BBC
Jam & Jerusalem

Jam & Jerusalem

  • TV comedy drama / sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2006 - 2009
  • 16 episodes (3 series)

A comedy drama about the members of a Women's Guild in a small West Country village called Clatterford. Stars Sue Johnston, Pauline McLynn, Maggie Steed, Sally Phillips, David Mitchell and more.

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Series 3, Episode 3 - New Beginnings & Ladies In Lavender

Tash and Spike finish restoring their van and Tash finally prepares to move out of the family home. But how far will she get?

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Jam & Jerusalem. Image shows from L to R: Eileen Pike (Maggie Steed), Charles Dance. Copyright: BBC

Sal is emotional as she realises that both her children have now grown up and that she is going to be left alone in the house.

But as Tash's van starts up, it reverses straight into the side of Sal's house and Sal's dreams of a quiet life lie in ruins; Tash and Spike are clearly going nowhere.

Jock offers to repair the damage to Sal's house while he works on the barn conversion. So things are not so bad after all; Sal enjoys Jock's company and looks forward to seeing him.

Sal joins a gym, but it is her growing friendship with Jock that is actually making her feel younger and look fitter. But when she comes home to find that Tash and her van have disappeared, she rushes around in a panic trying to find her. Tash, however, has just moved the van into the field behind the house and explains that Jock has let her and Spike set up home there.

Meanwhile, Eileen makes the exciting announcement that Jock has secured Charles Dance as a guest speaker for the Guild. As Eileen makes frantic arrangements, Sal realises that if Charles owns the field, then Jock can't grant Tash permission to stay there. She confronts Jock, who admits that he only told people that Charles was moving into the barn in order to get people off his back about renovating it - for himself. Jock refuses to do anything about letting Eileen and the rest of the Guild down gently and he and Sal have a big argument.

The event gets under way, with only Sal and Tip knowing that the whole thing is a lie. They are both at the marquee as Eileen rushes around trying to entertain the crowd. Sal finally steps up to tell Eileen the truth but, just as she does, Charles Dance appears.

While the Guild sit in rapture as Charles gives his speech, Sal learns that, feeling guilty, Jock has personally tracked him down and paid him to give a speech. Sal can't believe what Jock has done and her faith in him is restored.

Broadcast details

Sunday 23rd August 2009
60 minutes


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Cast & crew

Sue Johnston Sal Vine
Pauline McLynn Tip Haddam
Maggie Steed Eileen Pike
Sally Phillips Tash Vine
David Mitchell Dr James Vine
Salima Saxton Yasmeen Vine
Dawn French Rosie Bales
Jennifer Saunders Caroline Martin
Rosie Cavaliero Kate Bales
Suzy Aitchison Susie
Simon Farnaby Spike
Clive Russell Jock
Hazel John Pauline
Guest cast
Thomas Assafuah Raph
Patricia Potter Tish
Menna Trussler Megan
Charles Dance Self
Writing team
Jennifer Saunders Writer
Abigail Wilson Writer
Production team
Mandie Fletcher Director
Francis Gilson Producer
Pete Thornton Executive Producer
Jake Bernard Editor
Harry Banks Production Designer
Lucia Santa-Maria Costume Designer
Chris Goodger Director of Photography
Christine Cant Make-up Designer
John McCusker Composer
Kate Rusby Composer
Ray Davies Composer
Grantly Butters 1st Assistant Director


Preparations for Charles Dance

The Guild make preperations for the arrival of Charles Dance.

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