Hi-De-Hi!. Image shows from L to R: Gladys Pugh (Ruth Madoc), Jeffrey Fairbrother (Simon Cadell), Ted Bovis (Paul Shane), Spike Dixon (Jeffrey Holland). Copyright: BBC.


BBC One sitcom about the staff at a holiday camp. 58 episodes (pilot + 8 series), 1980 - 1988. Stars Simon Cadell, David Griffin, Penny Irving, Richard Cottan and others.

Series 6, Episode 5 is repeated on Gold on Monday at 9:20am.

Series 3

1. Nice People With Nice Manners

First broadcast: Sunday 31st October 1982

The ballroom dancers decide to give a party. They invite only those members of the staff that they consider socially acceptable - which leaves out Ted.


2. Carnival Time

First broadcast: Sunday 7th November 1982

Joe Maplin insists that the staff take part in the Town Carnival by putting in a float. Spike is given the job of producing the tableau.


3. A Matter Of Conscience

First broadcast: Sunday 14th November 1982

The local Council decides to build a hospital next to Maplin's Holiday Camp. Joe Maplin instructs his staff to thwart their plan by making as much noise as possible.


4. The Pay-Off

First broadcast: Sunday 21st November 1982

The local Council are determined to build a hospital next to Maplin's Holiday Camp. Joe Maplin sends a shoebox full of money to Jeffrey with instructions that he is to bribe the four councillors.


5. Trouble And Strife

First broadcast: Sunday 28th November 1982

Ted Bovis's ex-wife turns up at the camp demanding the arrears of her maintenance. She has in tow a bailiff who presents Ted with a writ. Failure to pay could result in prison, so Ted is forced to resort to all the fiddles he can remember in order to raise the money.


6. Stripes

First broadcast: Sunday 5th December 1982

After a secret visit to the holiday camp Joe Maplin decides that Gladys should be put in charge of the Yellowcoats.


7. Co-respondent's Course

First broadcast: Sunday 12th December 1982

Jeffrey Fairbrother's wife sends her new boyfriend to Jeffrey to ask for a divorce. Since the professor is unwilling to co-operate, they start to dig for evidence.


8. It's A Blue World

First broadcast: Sunday 19th December 1982

Ted Bovis is offered the chance to hire an artistic but explicit film to show to the male adult campers.


Christmas Special: Eruptions

First broadcast: Sunday 26th December 1982

Joe Maplin installs a model volcano in the ballroom which erupts during Ted's act. He is not prepared to tolerate such interruptions, so at dead of night he leads an expedition to sabotage it.


9. The Society Entertainer

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd January 1983

Jeffrey Fairbrother decides that a change of voice would be a good idea on Radio Maplin. In the meantime Spike meets his femme fatale which results in a dramatic change in his outlook. Ted has other ideas!


10. Sing You Sinners

First broadcast: Sunday 9th January 1983

Owing to the departure of the local vicar, Jeffrey finds himself conducting the Sunday half-hour. Needless to say, he makes a hash of it...


11. Maplin Intercontinental

First broadcast: Sunday 16th January 1983

The annual Best Yellowcoat Competition has a very special prize this year: the winner will go to Maplin's new Holiday Camp in the Bahamas.


12. All Change

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd January 1983

Joe Maplin appoints a supervisor of all Yellowcoats, who requires a chalet to herself - which throws the accommodation situation into chaos. She also takes an immediate dislike to Gladys and demotes her.


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