Hi-De-Hi!. Image shows from L to R: Gladys Pugh (Ruth Madoc), Jeffrey Fairbrother (Simon Cadell), Ted Bovis (Paul Shane), Spike Dixon (Jeffrey Holland). Copyright: BBC.


BBC One sitcom about the staff at a holiday camp. 58 episodes (pilot + 8 series), 1980 - 1988. Stars Simon Cadell, David Griffin, Penny Irving, Richard Cottan and others.

1985 Christmas Special, Christmas Special is repeated on Gold on Monday at 12:15pm.

Series 4

1. Concessions

First broadcast: Sunday 27th November 1983

As Barry and Yvonne dance to Diaghilev, and Spike jokes to Pinocchio, Ted contrives to get in with the local 'Mr Big' to confound Joe Maplin's plans to expand his empire.


2. Save Our Heritage

First broadcast: Sunday 4th December 1983

It's novelty night in the ballroom. Meanwhile, an old cottage complete with old tenant crosses Joe Maplin's plans for expansion. Jeffrey Fairbrother has an idea to retain the status quo.


3. Empty Saddles

First broadcast: Sunday 11th December 1983

Fred Quilly's horses are tired. Fred suggests more oats; Joe Maplin - the knackers' yard. Peggy, Ted and all the staff rally round to protect Fred and his horses with unexpected results.


4. The Marriage Settlement

First broadcast: Sunday 18th December 1983

A special competition is in full swing as Jeffrey Fairbrother arranges the settlement of his marital problems. These arrangements confuse some and amuse others.


5. The Graven Image

First broadcast: Sunday 8th January 1984

Joe Maplin has commissioned his own statue and has specific instructions issued as to the form the unveiling should take. But, in the best Maplin's tradition, all does not go according to plan!


6. Peggy's Pen Friend

First broadcast: Sunday 15th January 1984

Peggy's pen-pal of long standing is due to visit. Some of the Maplin's staff are not convinced his intentions are entirely honourable - so plans are made to protect her interests...


7. The Epidemic

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd January 1984

'Chads' are threatening to engulf the camp. In their efforts to hold them back, Barry puts his back out, so Yvonne calls an old partner in and Fred learns things about himself he never knew.


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