Gavin & Stacey. Image shows from L to R: Nessa (Ruth Jones), Gavin (Mathew Horne), Stacey (Joanna Page), Smithy (James Corden). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions
Gavin & Stacey

Gavin & Stacey

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One / BBC Three
  • 2007 - 2019
  • 21 episodes (3 series)

A critic-pleasing, gentle and warm comedy about the romance between an Essex lad and Welsh girl. Stars Mathew Horne, Joanna Page, Ruth Jones, James Corden, Alison Steadman and more.

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Series 1, Episode 6

The wedding day has finally arrived, but will they go through with it? Will Uncle Bryn finally admit to what happened on the fishing trip and will Nessa do what she knows she must?

Broadcast details

Sunday 10th June 2007
BBC Three
30 minutes


  1. Thursday 25th April 2024 at 8:30pm on BBC3
  2. Thursday 25th April 2024 at 11:30pm on BBC3

Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Monday 26th January 2009 9:00pm BBC3
Monday 2nd February 2009 9:00pm BBC3
Monday 18th May 2009 9:00pm BBC3
Monday 7th September 2009 9:00pm BBC3
Monday 14th September 2009 9:00pm BBC3
Monday 8th February 2010 9:00pm BBC3
Monday 7th June 2010 9:30pm BBC3
Tuesday 8th June 2010 12:15am BBC3
Sunday 31st October 2010 9:30pm BBC3
Monday 1st November 2010 12:00am BBC3
Monday 25th April 2011 9:30pm BBC3
Monday 25th April 2011 10:00pm Gold
Sunday 8th May 2011 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 21st June 2011 9:00pm Dave
Wednesday 22nd June 2011 12:00am Dave
Sunday 26th June 2011 11:00pm Dave
Monday 27th June 2011 1:20am Dave
Saturday 2nd July 2011 11:20pm Dave
Monday 18th July 2011 8:00pm Gold
Monday 18th July 2011 10:45pm Gold
Monday 10th October 2011 8:00pm Gold
Monday 10th October 2011 10:00pm Gold
Sunday 30th October 2011 9:30pm BBC3
Monday 31st October 2011 1:00am BBC3
Monday 19th December 2011 11:00pm Dave
Tuesday 20th December 2011 2:15am Dave
Sunday 22nd January 2012 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 25th February 2012 1:20pm Gold
Wednesday 25th April 2012 11:40pm Dave
Thursday 10th May 2012 8:20pm Gold
Thursday 10th May 2012 11:00pm Gold
Saturday 28th July 2012 10:20pm Dave
Saturday 29th September 2012 10:20pm Dave
Monday 15th October 2012 9:00pm Gold
Tuesday 16th October 2012 12:30am Gold
Sunday 28th October 2012 8:30pm BBC3
Monday 29th October 2012 2:55am BBC3
Wednesday 31st October 2012 8:30pm BBC3
Thursday 1st November 2012 2:30am BBC3
Wednesday 23rd January 2013 9:40pm Gold
Thursday 24th January 2013 1:00am Gold
Thursday 24th January 2013 1:30am Gold
Monday 25th February 2013 10:20pm Dave
Thursday 2nd May 2013 8:20pm Gold
Thursday 2nd May 2013 11:40pm Gold
Wednesday 24th July 2013 6:40pm Gold
Wednesday 24th July 2013 10:40pm Gold
Thursday 19th September 2013 10:25pm Gold
Friday 20th September 2013 8:20pm Gold
Tuesday 22nd October 2013 8:30pm BBC3
Saturday 30th November 2013 10:20pm Dave
Thursday 6th February 2014 10:20pm Gold
Friday 7th February 2014 7:15pm Gold
Monday 19th May 2014 9:20pm Gold
Tuesday 20th May 2014 12:50am Gold
Tuesday 24th June 2014 10:20pm Dave
Thursday 7th August 2014 1:30am Gold
Thursday 7th August 2014 10:20pm Gold
Thursday 7th August 2014 11:40pm Gold
Friday 8th August 2014 2:30am Gold
Wednesday 17th September 2014 9:20pm Gold
Thursday 18th September 2014 1:15am Gold
Thursday 20th November 2014 10:40pm Dave
Friday 21st November 2014 1:45am Dave
Sunday 25th January 2015 9:20pm Dave
Monday 16th February 2015 9:40pm Gold
Tuesday 17th February 2015 8:20pm Gold
Tuesday 2nd June 2015 9:40pm Gold
Wednesday 3rd June 2015 6:20pm Gold
Monday 15th June 2015 9:40pm W
Sunday 11th October 2015 9:40pm Gold
Saturday 2nd January 2016 11:30pm W
Monday 18th January 2016 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 19th January 2016 1:45am Gold
Friday 19th February 2016 1:00am BBC3
Wednesday 2nd March 2016 11:50pm W
Thursday 3rd March 2016 11:20pm W
Sunday 15th May 2016 10:20pm Gold
Thursday 9th June 2016 9:00pm Gold
Thursday 9th June 2016 11:40pm Gold
Saturday 18th June 2016 9:20pm Dave
Thursday 28th July 2016 11:20pm W
Saturday 13th August 2016 10:20pm Dave
Saturday 27th August 2016 10:20pm Gold
Sunday 28th August 2016 8:20pm Gold
Wednesday 21st December 2016 12:00am W
Sunday 8th January 2017 10:20pm Gold
Monday 9th January 2017 8:00pm Gold
Wednesday 15th February 2017 9:40pm Gold
Saturday 1st April 2017 10:20pm Dave
Thursday 13th April 2017 10:40pm W
Tuesday 6th June 2017 9:20pm Gold
Wednesday 7th June 2017 7:20pm Gold
Saturday 24th June 2017 3:20pm Dave
Sunday 25th June 2017 12:20am Dave
Monday 17th July 2017 9:40pm Gold
Saturday 5th August 2017 4:20pm Dave
Thursday 10th August 2017 9:00pm Gold
Saturday 12th August 2017 2:20pm Gold
Sunday 13th August 2017 11:10am Gold
Tuesday 15th August 2017 10:00pm W
Wednesday 16th August 2017 12:20am W
Wednesday 27th December 2017 7:00pm W
Thursday 28th December 2017 1:00am W
Monday 1st January 2018 1:55am Dave
Monday 1st January 2018 10:00am Dave
Monday 29th January 2018 9:40pm W
Saturday 3rd February 2018 6:20pm Dave
Sunday 4th February 2018 5:20pm Dave
Saturday 10th February 2018 3:20pm Gold
Sunday 11th February 2018 1:15pm Gold
Sunday 8th April 2018 10:00pm Gold
Monday 9th April 2018 12:10am W
Monday 9th April 2018 11:00pm W
Sunday 27th May 2018 4:20pm Dave
Monday 28th May 2018 12:20pm Dave
Wednesday 30th May 2018 11:20pm Gold
Thursday 31st May 2018 10:00pm Gold
Saturday 16th June 2018 8:20pm Dave
Sunday 17th June 2018 2:20pm Dave
Wednesday 18th July 2018 11:40pm W
Thursday 19th July 2018 11:00pm W
Thursday 16th August 2018 10:40pm Gold
Friday 17th August 2018 2:00am Gold
Tuesday 25th September 2018 12:00am W
Tuesday 25th September 2018 11:00pm W
Tuesday 6th November 2018 10:20pm Gold
Wednesday 7th November 2018 9:40pm Gold
Monday 28th January 2019 8:35pm Gold
Tuesday 29th January 2019 2:40pm Gold
Saturday 4th May 2019 2:35pm Gold
Saturday 4th May 2019 6:25pm Gold
Monday 10th June 2019 10:20pm Gold
Tuesday 11th June 2019 7:40pm Gold
Sunday 14th July 2019 4:20pm Dave
Friday 2nd August 2019 10:20pm W
Saturday 21st September 2019 10:20pm W
Sunday 22nd September 2019 8:20pm W
Saturday 28th December 2019 7:40pm W
Monday 30th December 2019 5:20pm Dave
Tuesday 17th March 2020 9:40pm Gold
Saturday 28th March 2020 5:20pm Dave
Saturday 2nd May 2020 9:30pm BBC1
Monday 27th July 2020 8:40pm Gold
Tuesday 28th July 2020 12:55pm Gold
Friday 7th August 2020 10:40pm W
Saturday 8th August 2020 9:20pm W
Saturday 8th August 2020 11:20pm W
Friday 25th September 2020 10:00pm W
Saturday 26th September 2020 7:20pm W
Saturday 17th October 2020 6:20pm Dave
Wednesday 25th November 2020 8:40pm Gold
Thursday 26th November 2020 1:50am Gold
Thursday 26th November 2020 2:40pm Gold
Thursday 26th November 2020 7:20pm Gold
Thursday 24th December 2020 1:30am W
Friday 25th December 2020 12:20am W
Wednesday 30th December 2020 5:20pm Dave
Tuesday 26th January 2021 9:00pm Gold
Tuesday 26th January 2021 11:55pm Gold
Wednesday 27th January 2021 3:40pm Gold
Monday 5th April 2021 11:40am Gold
Friday 16th April 2021 11:20pm W
Saturday 17th April 2021 9:20pm W
Saturday 5th June 2021 1:45am Dave
Saturday 5th June 2021 8:20pm Dave
Saturday 17th July 2021 8:00pm W
Sunday 18th July 2021 7:00pm W
Thursday 14th October 2021 8:40pm Gold
Friday 15th October 2021 12:05am Gold
Friday 15th October 2021 3:20pm Gold
Sunday 26th December 2021 8:20pm W
Monday 27th December 2021 2:20pm W
Saturday 1st January 2022 1:20am Dave
Saturday 1st January 2022 5:20pm Dave
Monday 10th January 2022 8:00pm Gold
Tuesday 11th January 2022 1:20pm Gold
Friday 8th April 2022 11:20pm W
Saturday 9th April 2022 9:20pm W
Monday 11th April 2022 11:00pm BBC3
Tuesday 12th April 2022 3:05am BBC3
Friday 15th April 2022 12:40am BBC3
Monday 18th April 2022 2:25am Dave
Monday 18th April 2022 6:20pm Dave
Saturday 14th May 2022 3:40pm Gold
Sunday 15th May 2022 11:00am Gold
Thursday 2nd June 2022 7:20pm Dave
Wednesday 8th June 2022 9:40pm Gold
Thursday 9th June 2022 1:15am Gold
Tuesday 5th July 2022 9:30pm BBC3
Wednesday 6th July 2022 3:10am BBC3
Thursday 7th July 2022 3:30am BBC3
Wednesday 27th July 2022 7:40am Gold
Wednesday 27th July 2022 1:30pm Gold
Wednesday 27th July 2022 8:00pm Gold
Thursday 28th July 2022 1:10am Gold
Friday 12th August 2022 11:20pm W
Saturday 13th August 2022 10:20pm W
Tuesday 30th August 2022 12:35am Dave
Sunday 27th November 2022 8:00pm BBC3
Monday 28th November 2022 3:20am BBC3
Saturday 24th December 2022 8:20pm W
Sunday 25th December 2022 5:35pm W
Wednesday 25th January 2023 4:40pm Gold
Wednesday 25th January 2023 8:40pm Gold
Friday 24th February 2023 11:20pm W
Saturday 25th February 2023 4:00pm Dave
Saturday 25th February 2023 10:20pm W
Friday 7th April 2023 5:20pm W
Saturday 8th April 2023 3:40pm W
Sunday 9th April 2023 9:20pm Dave
Monday 10th April 2023 8:00pm BBC3
Tuesday 11th April 2023 3:15am BBC3
Friday 5th May 2023 11:20pm W
Saturday 6th May 2023 10:20pm W
Saturday 20th May 2023 3:20pm Dave
Friday 16th June 2023 11:20pm W
Saturday 17th June 2023 10:20pm W
Friday 18th August 2023 9:00pm Gold
Friday 18th August 2023 11:40pm Gold
Saturday 19th August 2023 8:25pm Gold
Saturday 26th August 2023 3:30pm Gold
Saturday 26th August 2023 7:20pm Gold
Friday 1st September 2023 10:40pm Gold
Saturday 2nd September 2023 9:00pm Gold
Friday 8th September 2023 11:55pm W
Saturday 9th September 2023 10:20pm W
Friday 22nd September 2023 8:30pm BBC3
Saturday 23rd September 2023 3:30am BBC3
Friday 29th September 2023 12:00am Dave
Saturday 2nd December 2023 12:20am W
Saturday 2nd December 2023 10:20pm W
Thursday 14th December 2023 8:30pm BBC3
Friday 15th December 2023 3:30am BBC3
Saturday 23rd December 2023 7:20pm Dave
Sunday 24th December 2023 10:20am Dave
Monday 25th December 2023 2:50pm W
Saturday 13th January 2024 12:20am W
Saturday 13th January 2024 10:20pm W
Saturday 10th February 2024 4:35pm Gold
Saturday 10th February 2024 8:25pm Gold
Wednesday 21st February 2024 8:30pm BBC3
Thursday 22nd February 2024 1:40am BBC3
Thursday 7th March 2024 10:40pm Dave
Monday 11th March 2024 9:20pm Gold
Tuesday 12th March 2024 12:10am Gold
Tuesday 12th March 2024 6:40pm Gold
Saturday 13th April 2024 12:20am W
Saturday 13th April 2024 10:20pm W

Cast & crew

Mathew Horne Gavin
Joanna Page Stacey
Ruth Jones Nessa
James Corden Smithy
Alison Steadman Pam
Larry Lamb Mick
Melanie Walters Gwen
Rob Brydon Bryn
Robert Wilfort Jason
Guest cast
Samuel Anderson Fingers
Alan David Griff
Writing team
James Corden Writer
Ruth Jones Writer
Production team
Christine Gernon Director
Ted Dowd Producer
Lindsay Hughes Executive Producer
Henry Normal Executive Producer
Liana Del Giudice Editor

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