Gavin & Stacey. Image shows from L to R: Nessa (Ruth Jones), Gavin (Mathew Horne), Stacey (Joanna Page), Smithy (James Corden). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions.

Gavin & Stacey

BBC One and BBC Three sitcom about a young couple. 20 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2010. Stars Mathew Horne, Joanna Page, Ruth Jones, James Corden and others.

Series 2, is repeated on Gold on Monday at 7:40pm.

Press Clippings

Are UK sitcoms too sentimental?

The current crop of British comedies are peppered with 'hugging and learning', but how far can convivial comedy go before it veers into sentimental mush.

Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, 27th April 2018

Ruth Jones has been thinking about Gavin & Stacey

"James and I were talking about this the other day," she told Lorraine. "I was saying that baby Neil, who is now probably about 11, Nessa's training him down the slots. She's training him in the art of the dodgy grabber machine and all that kinda thing, and how to weight the two pences."

Digital Spy, 18th April 2018

How becoming mainstream killed Gavin & Stacey

It was Gav'n'Stace that propelled James Corden to intergalactic domination but the when the show left BBC Three, so did its tight focus and cult status.

Michael Hogan, The Guardian, 5th February 2018

Gallery: 20 politically incorrect 'modern' comedies

Here are 20 recent comedies that wouldn't have been green-lit today.

Ed Power, The Telegraph, 17th October 2017

The definitive ranking of every Gavin & Stacey episode

Here's the definitive ranking of every Gavin & Stacey episode.

Ciara Knight, JOE, 11th April 2017

Netflix comedies most popular in Scotland

According to the streaming service, us Scots love our comedy with Still Game, Orange Is The New Black and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia proving to be the most popular shows north of the border. In Wales Gavin & Stacey and The Big Bang Theory are big hits.

Laura Harding, Daily Record, 31st March 2017

Rob Brydon hints Gavin and Stacey special

Gavin & Stacey star Rob Brydon has reignited hope of a revival to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary.

Howell Davies, The Sun, 30th March 2017

Gavin & Stacey's Rob Brydon keeps reunion hopes alive

Uncle Bryn is up for a reunion if everyone else is.

Lara Martin, The Mirror, 30th March 2017

The 8 best sitcom romances ever

With Valentine's Day approaching, love is in the air on Gold - so here is our list of comedy relationship favourites.

Chas Early, BT, 9th February 2017

A look back at George Michael's comedy cameos

He appeared in Christmas specials of Extras, The Catherine Tate Show as well as Comic Relief sketches with characters from Little Britain and Gavin & Stacey.

Elliot Gonzalez, I Talk Telly, 26th December 2016

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