Cold Feet. Image shows from L to R: Pete Gifford (John Thomson), Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris), David Marsden (Robert Bathurst), Jenny Gifford (Fay Ripley), Adam Williams (James Nesbitt)
Cold Feet

Cold Feet

  • TV comedy drama
  • ITV1
  • 1997 - 2020
  • 60 episodes (9 series)

Comedy drama about three couples experiencing the ups-and-downs of romance. Stars James Nesbitt, John Thomson, Fay Ripley, Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst and more.

  • Due to return for Series 10
  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 1,564

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Series 6, Episode 1

Cold Feet. Image shows from L to R: David Marsden (Robert Bathurst), Jenny Gifford (Fay Ripley), Pete Gifford (John Thomson), Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris), Adam Williams (James Nesbitt)
Episode one sees the gang reunited when Adam returns to Manchester after years of working abroad.

Further details

Whilst Adam travelled the world on business, his 15 year-old-son, Matthew chose boarding school and, under the guardianship of Godmother, Karen, has turned into a well-adjusted young man, or so it seems. It breaks Karen's heart to see what Rachel is missing out on, and unlike Adam, she's not fooled by Matt's bravado. What this kid needs more than anything right now is his Dad.

Pete and Jenny are down on their uppers. With two teenagers to support, Pete's juggling two jobs; cabbie and home-help, and Jenny's work in Events Management at a grand hotel is hardly bringing home the bacon. Fast approaching 50, mortgaged up to the eyeballs, Pete is understandably miserable but is pleased to see his best mate again.

Broadcast details

Monday 5th September 2016
60 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Tuesday 17th January 2017 9:00pm ITV Encore
Wednesday 18th January 2017 1:00am ITV Encore
Tuesday 18th July 2017 9:00pm ITV Encore
Sunday 23rd July 2017 11:00pm ITV Encore
Sunday 7th January 2018 9:30pm ITV Encore
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Cast & crew

James Nesbitt Adam Williams
John Thomson Pete Gifford
Fay Ripley Jenny Gifford
Hermione Norris Karen Marsden
Robert Bathurst David Marsden
Ceallach Spellman Matthew Williams
Leanne Best Tina Reynolds
Karen David Angela Zubayr
Lucy Robinson Robyn Duff
Art Malik Eddie Zubayr
Daisy Edgar-Jones Olivia Marsden
Madeleine Edmondson Chloe Gifford
Jack Harper Adam Gifford
Ella Hunt Ellie Marsden
Guest cast
Andy Readman (as Andrew Readman) Celebrant
Writing team
Mike Bullen Writer
Verity MacLeod Script Editor
Carissa Hope Lynch Script Editor
Production team
Terry McDonough Director
Rebecca Ferguson Producer
Mike Bullen Executive Producer
Kenton Allen Executive Producer
Matthew Justice Executive Producer
Deanne Cunningham Co-producer
Terry McDonough Co-executive Producer
Mark Davies Editor
Dave Arrowsmith Production Designer
Andy Pryor Casting Director
Darren Finch Costume Designer
Janet Horsfield Make-up Designer
Mark Russell Composer
Edmund Butt Composer
Ben Smithard Director of Photography
Jack Casey 1st Assistant Director


Cold Feet is the smuggest thing on TV, and I enjoyed it

How the bejaysus did Adam manage to pull a drop-dead gorgeous Singaporean beauty like Angela? Trust me, no one is that charming.

Ian Hyland, The Mirror, 11th September 2016

Cold Feet review

So did the actors slip back seamlessly into their roles? Well I thought the girls did, but I'm not so sure about the boys.

Steven Broadbent, Telly Binge, 10th September 2016

Cold Feet, ITV, review

Mike Bullen's drama tackles midlife as if it's never been away.

Jasper Rees, The Arts Desk, 6th September 2016

Cold Feet fans reckon they know series ending already

Fans reckon Adam - who lost his wife Rachel (Helen Baxendale) in a car crash in the original series - will ditch Angela in favour for Tina by the end of the new series.

Hanna Flint, Metro, 6th September 2016

Mike Bullen's Manchester-set dramedy returns after 13 years. So does the old magic still linger? It's tricky to tell from this opener, which spends so much time mapping out how its principals' lives (sans the late Rachel) have changed, as well as getting new story arcs running, that everything seems rushed, even frantic. Which perhaps explains why the best moments involve deadpan Pete (John Thomson) slowing things down: "Pete, do you think Jen might be right?" "Very rarely."

Jonathan Wright, The Guardian, 5th September 2016

Return of Cold Feet is bleaker than just nostalgia

Returning after 13 years, the feelgood drama of the late 90s seems a far gloomier proposition in Brexit Britain.

Filipa Jodelka, The Guardian, 5th September 2016

Cold Feet review: it's great to have the gang back

Pete has lost his mojo; Adam has found a much younger bride. But this reunion is enjoyable for the characters - and, thankfully, for us.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, 5th September 2016

Cold Feet: Oh it's good to have you back!

Ultimately, judging from the first episode alone, it's clear that any worries about Cold Feet's return were unwarranted as this new series seems to maintain all of what made the original so great.

Matt Donnelly, The Custard TV, 5th September 2016

Cold Feet - revival favoured poignancy over nostalgia

It's been 13 years since Cold Feet's credits last rolled, during which time the thirtysomethings had turned into fiftysomethings. Their cute toddlers were now hormonal teenagers. Could the old magic be recaptured with this heavily hyped comeback? Largely, yes. Cue sighs of relief from fans who feared their memories would be tarnished (for many of us, the BBC's dreadful 10th anniversary of Nineties hit drama This Life still lingers).

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 5th September 2016

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