Cold Feet. Image shows from L to R: Pete Gifford (John Thomson), Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris), David Marsden (Robert Bathurst), Jenny Gifford (Fay Ripley), Adam Williams (James Nesbitt).

Cold Feet

ITV comedy drama about three couples. 60 episodes (pilot + 9 series), 1997 - 2020. Stars James Nesbitt, John Thomson, Fay Ripley, Hermione Norris and others.

Another series is in development.

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Series 1 (1998)

Adam and Rachel wage a territorial battle over whose place to move into, only to discover that Rachel is still married. Meanwhile, Jenny and Pete have a baby but are finding it more difficult than they had imagined, and David and Karen are forced to seek marriage counselling.

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Series 2 (1999)

In this series the three young couples from up North are back with a new set of problems. Stranded on a train platform six months ago, Adam has descended into bachelor squalor and, in a desperate attempt to get back on track, has begun dating again. Jenny and Pete's marriage has taken a turn for the worse, while David and Karen's relationship has taken on an unexpected twist. Rachel on the other hand is spotted in a supermarket with an unknown baby...

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Series 3 (2000)

The perennial saga of relationship drama continues. David and Karen rediscover the joys of parenthood with their new child, but David risks loosing it all when the beautiful Jessica comes into the equation. Pete leaves the family home as Pete and Jenny's relationship goes from bad to worse, and Rachel and Adam start talking marriage!

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Series 4 (2001)

The future is starting to look very uncertain for the three couples. Adam and Rachel are facing rigorous adoption procedures whilst - unknown to Rachel - Adam's first love has resurfaced and is intent on winning him back. David is battling to keep his marriage together, while Karen's drinking problem spirals out of control and her interests turn to her editor, Mark. Pete is abandoned as Jenny sets of to New York, but all is not lost as a new love interest arrives in the form of Jo, Rachel's gorgeous Australian friend.

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Series 5 (2003)

In this series the thirty-somethings are reunited for more tales of marriage, friendship and parenthood - with both funny and poignant results. Adam and Rachel embark on their new life as parents with the realisation that baby definitely makes three. Pete and Jo return from an idyllic life in Sydney, while Ramona gets involved with the new local lifeguard, and David and Karen discover that an amicable divorce might not be as easy as they'd hoped.

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Series 6 (2016)

It's been over ten years since we last caught up with the lives of Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David and although many things have changed, deep down they haven't.

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Cold Feet. Image shows from L to R: Jenny Gifford (Fay Ripley), David Marsden (Robert Bathurst), Pete Gifford (John Thomson), Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris), Adam Williams (James Nesbitt).

Series 8 (2019)

Adam is back on the singles market, but for once in his life he's not finding any takers - has he finally lost his mojo? Pete on the other hand appears to have found his and, having recently renewed their wedding vows, some alfresco action is the icing on Pete and Jen's cake. However, mature student Jenny's happiness is short lived when some unexpected news sends her into a tailspin. Fiercely independent Karen is more interested in work than relationships, especially when a mystery author's manuscript lands on her desk. Meanwhile, David and Nikki are enjoying a more frugal life when Nikki's divorce settlement comes through tipping the balance. How far will David go to protect his pride?

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Cold Feet. Image shows from L to R: Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris), David Marsden (Robert Bathurst), Adam Williams (James Nesbitt), Jenny Gifford (Fay Ripley), Pete Gifford (John Thomson).

Series 9 (2020)

The story continues. At the end of Series 8 Jenny was dealing with her cancer treatment and with husband Pete by her side, preparing herself for the long road ahead; David was putting his life back together with the support of his friends; while Karen and Adam were figuring out the boundaries of their burgeoning relationship and the impact it had on the close knit group.

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Series 10 New

Series 10 was announced at the conclusion of Series 9 in February 2020, but will not follow for a number of years in order to "rest" the series and pick up the characters' stories at the next stage in their lives.

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