Burnistoun. Image shows from L to R: Robert Florence, Iain Connell. Copyright: The Comedy Unit


  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Scotland / BBC One Scotland / BBC Two Scotland
  • 2009 - 2019
  • 22 episodes (3 series)

Robert Florence and Iain Connell write and star in this BBC Scotland sketch show based around the residents of a fictional town. Also features Allan Miller, Richard Rankin, Kirsty Strain, Louise Stewart, David Allan and more.

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Burnistoun Goes To Work

Burnistoun. Image shows from L to R: Gerry McLaughlin, Iain Connell, Robert Florence, Kirsty Strain. Copyright: The Comedy Unit
A special episode of the sketch show set in a fictional Scottish town, featuring Jolly Boy John, the Quality Polis and characters old and new as they deal with the idea of gainful, and not so gainful, employment.

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Burnistoun is back and ready to graft! Featuring Jolly Boy John, The Quality Polis and characters old and new as they deal with the idea of gainful, and not so gainful, employment. Burnistoun Goes To Work is for real.

Jolly Boy John prepares for a job interview with the Wee Chocolate Banana Corporation and he reckons he's got a real chance of getting hired.

In the best wee city on God's green Earth, a minister gets more audience participation than he bargained for during a wedding ceremony; meanwhile, at Burnistoun's poshest eaterie, a pair of ultra-supercilious waiters instantly know precisely what's best for their diners.

In the offices of downtown Burnistoun, it really is quite jaw-dropping what you can get away with when you're the boss's son and on the dancefloor a couple of old pals share a boogie and a catch-up at a the silent disco.

Burnistoun fans find out exactly what kind of dedicated professional answers the phone when you call the "wasps killed" hotline; and there's a knack to working the scary bit on the Burnistoun ghost train and it's not as easy as it sounds.

'Quality Polis' McGregor and Toshan clock on to go back to school and get their quality message out to the kids; office staff discourse the downfalls to spouting off about your boss on social media; and tips are offered on the best way to pass the Burnistoun taxi driver test.

Meanwhile, the 'up the road' guys pass their very loud judgement on workers who choose to do their business in a coffee shop.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 28th December 2016
BBC One Scotland
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 8th March 2019 10:30pm BBC Scotland
Saturday 9th March 2019 10:00pm BBC Scotland
Friday 26th July 2019 10:30pm BBC Scotland
Wednesday 1st April 2020 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Friday 18th December 2020 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Monday 21st December 2020 11:30pm BBC Scotland
Thursday 25th November 2021 10:30pm BBC Scotland
Monday 29th November 2021 11:30pm BBC Scotland


Office Pool Party!

Need drinking water in the office? Don't spoil the party!

Jolly Boy John's got a job interview

The Wee Chocolate Banana Corporation has an opening.

Featuring: Iain Connell.

Rhona's been rumbled...

Big Sharon's pure rumbled Rhona...


Burnistoun is back for a one-off Christmas special. I wish desperately they'd give us a new series but we'll need to content ourselves with this for now.

The sketches are all based on the theme of work and fans will be happy to know that some of the best characters are brought back tonight including the "Up the road noo!" cranks. They get the chance to complain and howl about the fancy show-offs with their iPads and laptops who hold loud business meetings in cafes.

The Quality Polis also make an appearance, being called into a primary school to give a talk to the children in the hope of setting them on the straight and narrow. What could possibly go wrong? They're quality polis after all. And Jolly Boy John has a phone interview which might win him a job with the Wee Chocolate Banana Company. Get real!

Julie McDowall, The National (Scotland), 28th December 2016

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