• TV comedy drama
  • Sky Max / Sky One
  • 2019 - 2023
  • 37 episodes (5 series)

Comedy drama about a group of people living in Lancashire. Stars Joe Gilgun, Michelle Keegan, Aaron Heffernan, Ryan Sampson, Tom Hanson and more.

  • Due to return for Series 6
  • Series 3, Episode 5 repeated Sunday at 11pm on Sky Max
  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 516

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Series 1, Episode 1

We join Vinnie during a less than stellar day that involves a cross-country car chase, a Shetland pony, a jar of chloroform and a pigeon named Nigel. All this gets Vinnie and his crew tangled with a local crime boss who sets out to make an example of them.

Further details

Vinnie's having the day from hell. First the task of stealing a car to order for his mate JJ descends into a high-speed cross-country car chase with the police. Then things go from bad to worse when Vinnie and his lads; Tommo, Cardi, Dylan and Ash, are forced into stealing a Shetland Pony for Jim, the xenophobic farmer who wants to outshine his foreign neighbour at this year's county fair and horse show.

After a short mishap involving Cardi's pet pigeon Nigel and a jar of chloroform, it looks like the gang finally manage to pull off their tiny horse heist. But, the dubious act does not go unnoticed by Terence McCann, the local criminal heavyweight.

Broadcast details

Thursday 22nd August 2019
Sky One
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 24th August 2019 11:20pm Sky1
Sunday 25th August 2019 2:00am Sky2
Wednesday 28th August 2019 11:00pm Sky1
Thursday 9th April 2020 11:00pm Sky1
Tuesday 21st April 2020 10:00pm Sky2
Friday 14th January 2022 10:00pm Sky Max
Sunday 16th January 2022 11:00pm Sky Max
Wednesday 4th January 2023 10:00pm Sky Max
Sunday 8th January 2023 11:00pm Sky Max
Saturday 26th August 2023 12:00pm Sky Max
Sunday 7th January 2024 11:00pm Sky Max
Wednesday 10th January 2024 11:00pm Sky Max

Cast & crew

Joe Gilgun (as Joseph Gilgun) Vinnie
Michelle Keegan Erin
Aaron Heffernan Ash
Ryan Sampson Tommo
Tom Hanson Cardi
Steve Evets Farmer Jim
Parth Thakerar JJ
Dominic West Dr Chris Cox
Damien Molony Dylan
Tim Dantay Vinnie's Dad
Jude Riordan Tyler
Ruth Sheen Kath
Tony Nyland Specky Sid
Leon Delroy Williams Voodoo Ray
Anthony Welsh Jake
Guest cast
Dennis Blanch Ralph
John Weaver Carl Slater
Sharran Alexander Big Sandy
Craig Cheetham Gun Man
Daniel Coll Geoff
John McGrellis Grabbe
Zack Pierce Young Vinnie
Archie Kelly Shirley 'Goldilocks' Paslowski
Writing team
Daniel Brocklehurst (as Danny Brocklehurst) Writer
David Quayle Script Consultant
Production team
Daniel O'Hara Director
Juliet Charlesworth Producer
David Livingstone Executive Producer
Jon Mountague Executive Producer
Joe Gilgun (as Joseph Gilgun) Executive Producer
Daniel Brocklehurst (as Danny Brocklehurst) Executive Producer
Mike Noble Line Producer
Annie Kocur Editor
Debbie Burton Production Designer
Fiona Weir Casting Director
Alice Searby Casting Director
Orla Smyth-Mill Costume Designer
Richard Stoddard Director of Photography
Janet Horsfield Make-up Designer
Tasha Island Graphics
Peter Bennett 1st Assistant Director


Brassic. Image shows from L to R: Dylan (Damien Molony), Cardi (Tom Hanson), Vinnie (Joe Gilgun), Ash (Aaron Heffernan). Copyright: Calamity Films


Brassic is a new comedy from Shameless writer Danny Brocklehurst and actor Joe Gilgun (Woody in This Is England). Vinnie (Gilgun), sharp, witty, bipolar, is first seen wanting to jump off a bridge in the fictional northern town of Hawley, then launching into a Trainspotting-esque spiel ("Fuck the middle class, fuck the Guardian", etc). Vinnie thinks that life is "about having your mates, having a laugh, just finding a way to survive". Duly, this week's opening two episodes involved him, his best mate, Dylan (Damien Molony), and their gang becoming embroiled in hectic, caper-strewn plots encompassing everything from the kidnapping of Shetland ponies via dealing with underground fatbergs to hostile crime bosses.

Deeper themes lurk in Brassic, not least Vinnie's condition (Gilgun has bipolar disorder in real life), and Dylan's partner, young mum, Erin (Michelle Keegan), refusing to go along with the culture of extended adolescence, at one point acidly remarking to Vinnie that there appeared to be "three of them" in her and Dylan's relationship. "If it is, I'm the one getting the least sex", quipped Vinnie. On this showing, Brassic is funny, scratchy, surprising (Dominic West shows up as a useless, self-absorbed doctor), and promises to get darker.

Barbara Ellen, The Guardian, 25th August 2019

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