Bottom. Image shows from L to R: Richie Richard (Rik Mayall), Eddie Hitler (Adrian Edmondson). Copyright: BBC


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 1991 - 1995
  • 18 episodes (3 series)

Richie Richard and Eddie Hitler are a pair of disgusting, anti-social and regularly violent losers who share a grubby flat in Hammersmith. Stars Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

Press clippings

The legacy of Bottom

With the cult BBC sitcom turning 30 today, Paul Tanter looks back at the world of Bottom and why it still resonates today.

Paul Tanter, Radio Times, 17th September 2021

Crowdfunder campaign launched for Bottom book

Legendary comedians Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson's hit sitcom Bottom first landed on BBC2 in 1991. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the creators of popular podcast Talking Bottom are set to release a companion book to delve deeper into the making of Bottom and honour its comedy legacy. Crowdfunding publisher Unbound today [Monday 28th June] launches its reader-funded campaign - meaning comedy fans must pledge their support to make the book, Talking Bottom: A guide to the cult sitcom, a reality.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 28th June 2021

Bottling it: Bottom S2, E2 - 'Culture'

The Comedy Doctor gives her prognosis on the importance of boredom in this classic episode.

The Comedy Doctor, Capers Magazine, 4th May 2021

Lost series of Bottom never released

TV bosses were said to be planning a new series of Bottom that would have shown the characters as older men. However plans were axed following the tragic death of actor Rik Mayall.

Mark Jefferies, The Mirror, 13th April 2021

An undeniably great episode: Bottom - Gas

Picking an all-encompassing episode of a sitcom that gets to the very heart of a show isn't always an easy task. However, with some sitcoms an episode will naturally leap out at you, and none more so than Bottom's Gas - a farce of epic proportions that became a modern classic.

Jazzy Janey, The Comedy Blog, 25th May 2020

I watched Bottom again and it's not sagging

An opinion piece about the sitcom Bottom recently appeared online in which the writer said they found it quite hard to watch in 2020. Long-time fan of the series, comedian Ash Preston, springs to its defence below.

Ash Preston, Beyond The Joke, 13th April 2020

The best 90s TV comedies to revisit on Netflix

Here are the best TV comedies of the 90s to watch on the streaming service.

Alex Nelson, i Newspaper, 8th February 2018

25 years on, Bottom is still the most underrated sitcom

Bottom could just be the most underrated sitcom of the modern era.

Darren Richman, The Telegraph, 17th September 2016

Richie and Eddie's guide to being a sad git

In a modern world full of hipsters, selfie sticks and kale, it's sometimes good for the soul to embrace your inner slob and take a leaf out of Richie and Eddie's book.

Tom Eames, Digital Spy, 17th September 2016

Mark Hamill is a massive fan of... Bottom

Greg Davies reveals how he was able to cast the Luke S star in the third series of his Channel 4 comedy Man Down.

Ben Dowell, Radio Times, 30th June 2016

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