The Alternative Comedy Experience. Image shows from L to R: Josie Long, Simon Munnery, David Kay, Paul Sinha, Bridget Christie, Stewart Lee. Copyright: Comedy Central.

The Alternative Comedy Experience

Comedy Central stand-up. 25 episodes (2 series), 2013 - 2014. Stars Stewart Lee.

Series 2

The Alternative Comedy Experience. Bridget Christie. Copyright: Comedy Central.

1. Career Suicide

First broadcast: Tuesday 15th July 2014

Tonight's opener sees Tony Law, Bridget Christie, and Kevin Eldon included in the line-up. Stewart Lee meets them backstage.


2. Mistaken Identity

First broadcast: Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Tonight the madcap Paul Foot is joined by the musical David O'Doherty, Nish Kumar, Michael Legge and Josie Long. Backstage chat with Stewart Lee.


3. Derek Acorah

First broadcast: Tuesday 29th July 2014

Tonight we see David O'Doherty, Kevin Eldon, Susan Calman, and Josie Long, while Stewart Lee talks to the acts backstage in this fast moving series.


The Alternative Comedy Experience. Tony Law. Copyright: Comedy Central.

4. A Minute Of Silence

First broadcast: Tuesday 5th August 2014

Tonight's episode of the 'connoisseurs stand-up show of choice' features Tony Law, David Kay, Susan Calman, Michael Legge, and musical storytellers Ginger & Black. Stewart Lee meets them backstage.


The Alternative Comedy Experience. Kevin Eldon. Copyright: Comedy Central.

5. Nerds

First broadcast: Tuesday 12th August 2014

Kevin Eldon shares tonight's bill with performance poet Paul Hamilton, Trevor Lock, Paul Foot, and superbly funny science nerd Helen Arney. Backstage interviews by Stewart Lee.


The Alternative Comedy Experience. Helen Keen. Copyright: Comedy Central.

6. Kevin

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th August 2014

Maeve Higgins, Josie Long, Bridget Christie, Helen Keen, and Helen Arney conspire in the first ever all-female stand up show on TV, ruined only by backstage interviews with man Stewart Lee.


7. Mrs Brown's Boys

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th August 2014

On tonight's bill Robin Ince is joined by David O'Doherty, Josie Long, Isy Suttie, Helen Keen, and Mrs Brown's Boys No1 fan Michael Legge. Backstage interviews conducted by old comedian Stewart Lee.


The Alternative Comedy Experience. Fern Brady. Copyright: Comedy Central.

8. The One With The German

First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Tonight's show features alternative comedy legend Kevin McAleer, plus ace stand-ups Stephen Carlin, Fern Brady, Isy Suttie, and Henning Wehn (who is German). Stewart Lee meets them backstage.


9. Low Standards

First broadcast: Wednesday 10th September 2014

Tonight's episode of the Stewart Lee-curated stand-up show features Simon Munnery, Stephen Carlin, Hattie Hayridge, plus performance poet Paul Hamilton and some dancing from GrĂ¡inne Maguire.


10. Niche Comedy

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th September 2014

Satirist Andy Zaltzman is joined on tonight's line up by Alan Parker, Liam Mullone, Simon Munnery, Tony Law, Hattie Hayridge, and glasses wearing John Hegley. Backstage interviews from Stewart Lee.


11. Stag Night

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th September 2014

Acclaimed comedy show filmed in a proper comedy club with a real live audience. Tonight featuring Josie Long, Robin Ince, Alan Parker, David Kay, and Tony Law. Stewart Lee meets the acts backstage.


12. Charity

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st October 2014

Uncharitable comedian Henning Wehn is joined tonight by Stephen Carlin, Josie Long, science geek Helen Arney and quiz show supremo Paul Sinha. With interviews from the charitable comedian Stewart Lee.


13. Silent Reflection

First broadcast: Wednesday 8th October 2014

Paul Hamilton, Andy Zaltzman, Henning Wehn, Josie Long, and Helen Arney feature and Paul Foot has the last word.


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