The Alternative Comedy Experience. Image shows from L to R: Josie Long, David Kay, Stewart Lee, Henning Wehn, Simon Munnery, Paul Sinha, Phil Nichol, Tony Law, Paul Foot. Copyright: Comedy Central.

The Alternative Comedy Experience

Comedy Central stand-up showcase. 25 episodes (2 series), 2013 - 2014. Stars Stewart Lee.

Video Clips

Fern Brady

Stewart Lee talks to Fern Brady about her set, which included a look at Embarrassing Bodies.

From Series 2, Episode 8. Featuring: Stewart Lee, Fern Brady.

Helen Keen

Helen Keen divulges what happened when she stumbled upon the fact that the long-lost love of her twenties was getting married. After some online stalking, she decided that - by the look of her tweets - the new lady "may have got him... but never really got the use of the possessive apostrophe".

From Series 2, Episode 6. Featuring: Helen Keen.

Kevin Eldon as Paul Hamilton

Kevin Eldon performs as his character, the poet Paul Hamilton. He delivers two insightful poems: 'The Not So Great Dictator' and 'Tony Blair's Contribution To World Peace'.

From Series 2, Episode 5. Featuring: Kevin Eldon.

Tony Law - The Altenative Comedy Experience

Tony analyses "what is happening with his look", which as you can see below is anything but ordinary...along with the looks of various members of the front row!

From Series 2, Episode 4. Featuring: Tony Law.

Isy Suttie interview

Isy Suttie appears on London Live to talk about performing on The Alternative Comedy Experience.

Featuring: Isy Suttie.

Kevin Eldon on catchphrases

Kevin Eldon discusses the fact he hasn't got a catchphrase.

From Series 2, Episode 1. Featuring: Kevin Eldon.