4 O'Clock Club. Copyright: BBC
4 O'Clock Club

4 O'Clock Club

  • TV sitcom
  • CBBC
  • 2012 - 2020
  • 117 episodes (9 series)

Musical CBBC comedy based around the pupils and teachers at a school. Stars Simon Lowe, Dan Wright, Daniel Kerr, Lewis Brindley, Layton Blake and more.

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What's Cool?

What does it mean to be cool? Nero has to have a re-think.

Golden Dreams

Clem has finally got her big break but she isn't going to forget who helped her get there.

I Got The Power

Amber has got all the power, or has she?

Perfect Couple

It's the news of the summer! Nero and Clem are together but are they the perfect couple?

Series 6 trailer

New term, new adventures.

How they make the 4 O'Clock Club raps

Ever wondered how The 4 O'Clock Club create their raps? This video explains it all...

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