Sitcom Mission


By: Chloe Page

Sitcom Mission 2023 finalist

Two ladies in waiting struggle to achieve fame and love in the cutthroat world of the Tudor court.

Chloe Page

An aspiring sitcom writer from up North (well, actually more like the chillier, less interesting part of the middle) where laughing is famously quite popular. During her fevered adolescence she spent much of her time in her room scribbling jokes (with a pen, not a keyboard-yes, she is that old) and dreaming of making the world guffaw. Since then, although the annoying necessity of making enough money to buy food has sometimes got in the way, she's carried on trying to be funny, though the jokes are now digital. She mostly finds writing a painful and unpleasant process, which has left her with barely enough bits of fingernails to make up one proper one. But the satisfaction of making herself laugh, and hopefully a few other people too, is monumentally worth it.