The Now Show. Image shows from L to R: Hugh Dennis, Steve Punt. Copyright: BBC.

The Now Show

BBC Radio 4 comedy / stand-up about the week's news. Broadcast, 1998 - 2019. Stars Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, Jon Culshaw, Marcus Brigstocke and others.

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The Vote Now Show 2010

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Monday 12th April 2010

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis chew their way through a pie made from the day's election news. Flavours today include Labour's Election Manifesto, Tory marriage tax break proposals and celebrity endorsement. Plus, Andy Zaltzman is grilled by John Humphrys, Jon Holmes sets David Cameron to music and Mitch Benn is genuinely excited. Also featuring special guest Daily Mail political columnist Peter Oborne.


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th April 2010

Punt and Dennis bake a delicious, satirical cake made of the day's election news. The over-egged ingredients today include the Conservative manifesto and your local election news. Plus, Richard Stilgoe puts on his dancing shoes and John Finnemore takes you through a guide to campaign leaflets. Also featuring special guest, Sunday Express columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th April 2010

Steve Punt sets a satirical jelly of the day's news, with help from Miles Jupp, Jon Holmes, Sarah Kendall, James Sherwood and special guest Michael Cockerell. Hitting the headlines today - the launch of the Liberal Democrat manifesto, a look ahead to the Leaders' Debates and why everyone's talking about apathy.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Monday 19th April 2010

Day 4 of The Vote Now Show campaign gets off to a flying start with Punt and Dennis piloting the team through plumes of volcanic ash to election satire. They are joined on board by Gyles Brandreth, cathartically emoting on the subject of being a candidate on the campaign trail, Andy Zaltzman telling us all about the Tories' 'Big Society', Zoe Lyons noting that times they are a changin', Susan Calman heading to Sunderland (South) and Abandoman improvising a policy rap.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th April 2010

Day 5 of The Vote Now Show's campaign to make jokes about every single aspect of the election, in order. In this show, Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis look at the regional parties; Marcus Brigstocke shouts the odds; Philip Pope sings a song from the lonesome trail; Mark Watson follows the campaign online; and special guest Matthew Wright talks about celebrities and his mum.


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st April 2010

Special guest Robert Peston talks economics as Punt and Dennis pretend to understand. Plus... Steve Punt looks into Ballot boxes (not literally), John Finnemore rounds up the made-up-party news, Alun Cochrane reports on the maternal vote and Mitch Benn sings about the joys of living in a marginal.


7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Monday 26th April 2010

The Vote Now Show team tackles that difficult third week, with a German view of the British election; a dissection of proportional representation; debate advice from country and western star Tina C; and film critic Mark Kermode's opinion of the latest releases - of party election broadcasts.


8. Episode Eight

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th April 2010

Punt & Dennis do not explicitly rule out forming a coalition with Mitch Benn, David Quantick, John Shuttleworth, Laura Shavin and Anne McElvoy, as diminutive names of leaders, leaders' wives, political songs and fashion advice are all up for discussion.


9. Episode Nine

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th April 2010

Punt & Dennis forget that the microphone is on and preside over a massive audio gaffe in the shape of a show featuring Kate Adie reminiscing about simpler times, Jon Holmes trying his hand at celebrity endorsement, John Finnemore offering advice ahead of the last debate, Susan Calman suffering information overload and Richie Webb channelling the spirit of George Formby.


10. Episode Ten

First broadcast: Monday 3rd May 2010

With less than 72 hours till the polls open, Punt & Dennis psych themselves up for one last big push. They are ably assisted by Doc Brown rapping some fiscal advice, John Finnemore taking an entirely one-sided look at media bias, Holly Walsh doing an opinion poll about opinion polls and Times leader writer Hugo Rifkind, giving us an insight into the inner workings of newspaperdom.


11. Episode Eleven

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th May 2010

Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis use tactical comedy to ensure they are the biggest jokers in a hung satirical programme. With Andi Osho, Isy Suttie, Jon Richardson, Jon Holmes and news reader Zeinab Badawi.


12. Episode Twelve

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th May 2010

It's the final hurdle before polling day, and Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis gambol through the news to give an alternative look at the British General Election. Jon Holmes explains the technological gizmos that the TV election coverage will be breaking out tomorrow; Andy Zaltzman predicts the future; Mitch Benn explains why whatever happens, no one will be happy; and AA Gill tells us why British people don't like elections.