Sketchorama. Copyright: The Comedy Unit


  • Radio sketch show
  • BBC Radio 4 / BBC Radio 4 Extra
  • 2012 - 2015
  • 18 episodes (4 series)

Radio 4's showcase of sketch acts. Featuring established and up-and-coming sketch groups performing in front of a live studio audience. Stars Humphrey Ker, Thom Tuck, Isy Suttie and Lewis Macleod.

Press clippings

Sketchorama Series 4 line-up revealed

Isy Suttie will host Series 4 of radio showcase Sketchorama, with a line-up including The Penny Dreadfuls, Frisky & Mannish, Hennessy & Friends, and Gein's Family Giftshop.

British Comedy Guide, 20th May 2015

Sketch groups for Radio 4's Sketchorama Series 3 revealed

Sketch groups including Mixed Doubles, Four Screws Loose, Birthday Girls, Casual Violence and Beasts will take part in Series 3 of Radio 4's Sketchorama.

British Comedy Guide, 29th April 2014

Radio 4 orders 3rd series of Sketchorama

Radio 4 has ordered a third series of Sketchorama, the comedy format which showcases up-and-coming comic groups.

British Comedy Guide, 3rd August 2013

Radio 4 Absolutely impressed by cult Scots comedy

A special edition of cult Scots comedy Absolutely is to be broadcast on Radio 4 in August.

Paul English, Daily Record, 26th June 2013

Thom Tuck is the perfect host for a comedy sketch series that features only new acts. As part of The Penny Dreadfuls, whose work Radio 4 listeners might know best for their historical comedy dramas on Guy Fawkes and the French Revolution, he's experienced in teamwork and performing furiously fast sketches.

But as a frontman he is encouraging, supportive and gets the audience on side for the work of artists new to radio. It's good to hear fresh talent and some of the scenarios work really well: I particularly enjoyed the Beta Males with their protest sketch: "What do we want?" "Hearing aids." "When do we want them?" Silence.

But if I had to select one act to listen to again it would be Jonny and the Baptists, whose comedy blues songs segue happily from social observation to the surreal.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 29th May 2013

Video: Absolutely reunited for 20th anniversary

The cast of cult classic Absolutely reunited to resurrected their fondly remembered comedy skits for an episode of Radio 4 show Sketchorama.

Daily Record, 29th April 2013

Sketch team Absolutely re-forms for Radio 4's Sketchorama

The line-up for the second series of Radio 4's Sketchorama has been revealed. It includes sketch group Absolutely, who will reform for the show.

British Comedy Guide, 28th March 2013

Radio 4 orders a second series of Sketchorama

Sketchorama, the Radio 4 series that showcases sketch groups, is to return for a second series next year.

British Comedy Guide, 2nd October 2012

Sketchorama, a showcase for live sketch groups from around the UK, lived up to its billing - being very sketchy indeed. Delete the Banjax, Lady Garden and Idiots of Ants all had an equally timed stab at attacking the funny bone over a half hour presented by Humphrey Ker, and thankfully there was the odd gem among some pretty pedestrian satire. Though this opening episode felt very much like student union comedy, the showcase format means next week's programme could contain hilarity of the highest order - hopefully. It's just no fun heckling a radio.

Derek Smith, The Stage, 27th June 2012

Sketchorama radio showcase line-up announced

The Comedy Unit has revealed the long-awaited line-up of its new sketch-group showcase series, Sketchorama.

British Comedy Guide, 15th March 2012

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