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The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Radio 4
  • 1978 - 2018
  • 32 episodes (6 series)

A science fiction radio comedy series written by Douglas Adams that started off the H2G2 multi-media franchise phenomenon. Stars Simon Jones, Geoffrey McGivern, Peter Jones, William Franklyn, John Lloyd and more.

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The Secondary Phase, Episode 5 - Fit The Twelfth

An episode in which all is resolved, everyone lives happily ever after, and pigs fly.

Further details

Ford and Zaphod discover that the space ship they're on is actually a space flight that is now over 900 years late, they decide to investigate further.

Arthur, Marvin and Lintilla meet up with the clones. They fight against some chasing footwarriors. Arthur then bumps into a man called Poodoo, a priest called Varntvar and three men called Allitnil. When the Lintilla's meet the Allitnil's, they fall in love, get married, kiss and then vanish. It turns out the Allitnil's were anti-clones designed to get rid of the 5,780,000,000 Lintilla clones.

Ford and Zaphod discover the ship they're on is waiting to stock up on lemon-soaked paper napkins. After arguing with the ship's computer, they flee into the first-class compartment. There, they bump into Zarniwoop, whom Zaphod had been seeking since Fit the Seventh.

Arthur arrives back on the surface, but as he does so, the cup holding the Heart of Gold crashes into the surface of the planet. Zaphod and Ford discover that for all this time, they were inside an artifical universe in Zarniwoop's office. Zarniwoop now uses the Heart of Gold to travel to the real ruler of the universe - The Man in the Shack.

Arthur, Ford, Zaphod and Zarniwoop meet the man, and discover that he keeps giving vague answers to every question he is asked. While talking, it is discovered that it was Zaphod Beeblebroz who ordered the demolition of Earth. Arthur leaves angrily in the Heart of Gold with Lintilla and Marvin.

Broadcast details

Friday 25th January 1980
BBC Radio 4
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 24th May 2014 6:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Sunday 25th May 2014 12:00am Radio 4 Extra
Friday 27th April 2018 10:30pm Radio 4 Extra
Saturday 18th April 2020 6:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Sunday 19th April 2020 12:00am Radio 4 Extra
Sunday 29th November 2020 3:30pm Radio 4 Extra
Monday 30th November 2020 3:30am Radio 4 Extra
Tuesday 4th January 2022 6:00pm Radio 4 Extra
Wednesday 5th January 2022 12:00am Radio 4 Extra
Saturday 23rd July 2022 11:30am Radio 4 Extra
Saturday 23rd July 2022 9:30pm Radio 4 Extra

Cast & crew

Simon Jones Arthur Dent
Geoffrey McGivern Ford Prefect
Peter Jones The Book
Mark Wing-Davey Zaphod Beeblebrox
Stephen Moore Marvin
Jonathan Pryce Zarniwoop
Guest cast
Rula Lenska Lintilla
David Tate The Allitnils
Stephen Moore The Man in the Shack
Rula Lenska Android Stewardess
Geoffrey McGivern Varntvar the Priest
Jonathan Pryce Autopilot
Ken Campbell Poodoo
Writing team
Douglas Adams Writer

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