Comic Fringes. Copyright: BBC.

Comic Fringes

BBC Radio 4 stand-up from the Edinburgh Festival. 41 episodes (11 series), 2000 - 2015.

Series 4

1. How To Have Meetings

First broadcast: Monday 11th August 2003

A beautifully observed portrait of the artist as a lone parent, by Ruth Thomas.

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2. Salmon Chamareemo

First broadcast: Tuesday 12th August 2003

Ian Macpherson performs his own short story about a book group, a well-known Scottish writer, and a bad case of mistaken literary identity.


3. A Small Controlled Explosion

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th August 2003

What on earth are the SAS doing in Marchmont? And why have they blown up the Reverend Anstruther's garage? By Patricia Hannah.

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4. Vesuvius

First broadcast: Thursday 14th August 2003

Liam and his class are building a papier-mache volcano - but when Miss McGregor calls out "Time for the eruption!", things don't go quite according to plan. By Ella Henderson, read by Carol Ann Crawford.


5. A Late Night Shopping Experience

First broadcast: Friday 15th August 2003

Arnold Brown reads his comic short story in front of an audience at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Arnold brings the battle against globalisation direct to the supermarket checkout queue. But will this mean giving up his loyalty card?