Comic Fringes. Copyright: BBC.

Comic Fringes

BBC Radio 4 stand-up from the Edinburgh Festival. 41 episodes (11 series), 2000 - 2015.

Series 2

1. The Rotters's Club

First broadcast: Monday 20th August 2001

Crawford Logan reads an episode from Jonathan Coe's The Rotters' Club, in which a schoolboy forgets his trunks and has to face the embarrassment of swimming without them.


2. The Ex-magician From The Minhota Tavern

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st August 2001

Steven McNicoll reads Murilo Rubaio's The Ex-Magician from the Minhota Tavern. When a man can't stop producing lions, snakes and free lunches from thin air, what can he do?


3. Ted Hughes And The Fancy Rabbit

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd August 2001

Vivienne Dixon reads Patricia Hannah's story Ted Hughes and the Fancy Rabbit. A pet goes missing during a poetry reading - just as the buffet serves rabbit tartlets.


4. Footnotes: Peterhead, Winter 1963

First broadcast: Thursday 23rd August 2001

Michael Mackenzie reads Footnotes: Peterhead, Winter 1963 by Iain Grant. A critic's comments on a great Scottish poem reveal the poet's disastrous home life as a drunken misogynist.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Friday 24th August 2001

A short story.


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Note: these episodes correspond to Series 6 of the radio show.

Three more short stories which capture the atmosphere of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Recorded live at The Pleasance, leading comedians perform their own work in front of a packed audience.

The Woman Who Sniffed, written and read by Susan...