Robin Sebastian

Robin Sebastian is an English actor and comedian.


Known for


Year Production Role
2020 The Missing Hancocks - New Year Resolutions Kenneth Williams
2019 The Missing Hancocks - Series 5 Kenneth Williams
2018 The Undiscovered Kenneth Williams Kenneth Williams (Voice)
2018 The Missing Hancocks - Series 4 Kenneth Williams
2017 The Missing Hancocks - Series 3 Kenneth Williams
2016 Lost Sitcoms Kenneth Williams
2016 Williams On The Wireless Host / Presenter
2015 The Missing Hancocks: Live in Edinburgh! (Show B) Self
2015 The Missing Hancocks: Live in Edinburgh! (Show A) Self
2015 Catastrophe - Series 1
  1. E2 - Episode Two
Jewellery Clerk
2014 The Missing Hancocks - Series 1 Kenneth Williams
2011 Holy Flying Circus US News Reporter
2009 Twice Ken Is Plenty Kenneth Williams
2008 My Family - Series 8
  1. Special - Have An Unhappy Christmas
Royal Equerry

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