The Carry On Girls

By Robert Ross and Gemma Ross

Far more than mere eye candy, these in-control, hard-working, and pioneering ladies were an early and earnest manifestation of Girl Power in the British film industry. This book provides an invaluable celebration of the highly talented and forever decorative screen sirens that bewitched Carry On heroes Sid James, Kenneth Connor, Leslie Phillips, Bernard Bresslaw, Jim Dale, Peter Butterworth and, yes, even, Kenneth Williams.

Through never-before-seen publicity material, exclusive interviews with the girls themselves and affectionate biographies by Carry On historian Robert Ross, this will be the most thumbed coffee table book ever to hit your coffee table!

Soap opera favourites Amanda Barrie (Alma in Coronation Street) and Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler in EastEnders), Bond girls Margaret Nolan, Madeline Smith and the Goldfinger star herself, Shirley Eaton, as well as international glamour stars Elke Sommer and Dany Robin, feature in candid interviews and stunning portrait shots.

This is a long overdue salute to dozens of beloved Carry On actresses, from the courageous Liz Fraser to the ill-fated Imogen Hassall, and from the national treasure Barbara Windsor to the unfairly forgotten Sally Douglas. Each with a poignant and personal memory from fellow Carry On legend Valerie Leon, who provides her own unique and exclusive commentary.

The book also investigates the continuing cult of the Carry On girl, from Daniella Westbrook's Carry On London photographic sessions to Page 3 girl Malene Espensen paying tribute to the Carry On Camping bra-burst of Barbara Windsor. All done in the best possible taste, of course, with the affection and joy that still makes the Carry On films the eternal toast of ITV3 and BritBox.

The book further features a wealth of illustrations ranging from cheesecake shots for Tit-Bits to relaxed behind-the-scenes poses with Carry On filmmakers Peter Rogers and Gerald Thomas and comedy legends such as Phil Silvers, Harry H. Corbett, Bob Monkhouse and Bernard Cribbins.

Full of intimate tales from the sound stages of Pinewood Studios, snapshots of a lost industry and oodles of laughs, this is the ultimate tribute to a fun-filled era when British crumpet was at its spiciest!

First published: Thursday 23rd November 2023

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