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Forgotten Heroes Of Comedy extract: Hovis Presley

A hefty new book out today, Forgotten Heroes Of Comedy, is the culmination of a long-term passion project from comedy historian Robert Ross, paying an affectionate tribute to some of the finest, funniest and most fascinating names in the business from both sides of the Atlantic. From Dick Emery to forgotten Stooge Shemp Howard, Hollywood golden girl Thelma Todd to Italian film-maker Mario Zampi. In this exclusive extract about one of the more contemporary names in collection, Ross pays tribute to the late, great Hovis Presley.

Robert Ross, Chortle, 8th October 2021

New play about Williams and Fielding debuts

A new play examines the strained professional relationship between Carry On legends Kenneth Williams and Fenella Fielding. Carry On! Screaming Queens has been written by comedy historian Robert Ross, who has penned several books about the film franchise.

Chortle, 25th May 2021

The Great Yorkshire Fringe Launch Gala review

Not quite everyone was glued to the football last night. Though some audience members clearly managed to divide their attention between the comedy gig launching the Great Yorkshire Fringe and events at the Otkritie Arena, given how quickly news of Colombia's late equaliser spread around the room.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 4th July 2018

Crowd funding "Forgotten Heroes of Comedy"

Robert Ross has written books on the Carry On films, Fawlty Towers, Marty Feldman, The Goodies, Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd, Sid James, Monty Python - the list goes on and on and on. But his latest book Forgotten Heroes of Comedy is not being handled by a 'traditional' publisher. It is being 'crowd-funded' by Unbound.

John Fleming, The Huffington Post, 28th October 2012

Interview: comedy historian Robert Ross

Ever heard of Charley Chase? What about Jake Thackray, Gladys Morgan or 'Monsewer' Eddie Gray? You don't remember them, do you? Comedy historian Robert Ross is hoping to pay tribute to some of the funniest, most fascinating and forgotten names in comedy in a new book.

Andrew Dipper, Giggle Beats, 11th October 2012

Forgotten heroes of comedy: The days when fame faded

Why is it that some of the best-loved and most successful comedians get forgotten?

Robert Ross, The Independent, 17th September 2012

The painful break-up of Sid James and Tony Hancock

Taken from Sid James: A Biography, this extract looks at how Hancock's jealously and paranoia ended one of TVs most beloved, and hilarious, double acts...

Robert Ross, Sabotage Times, 22nd May 2012

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