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New recipients of BBC Comedy Writer's Bursary announced

This year two new writers will join the list - Kat Sadler and Catherine Brinkworth. Whilst women have been recipients of the bursary for more than twenty years, this is the first year all recipients are women.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th December 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

The List, August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Skinny, August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe picks 2018

Fun, thought-provoking and must-see shows.

Katy Davies, Entertainment Focus, 16th July 2018

Kat Sadler and Cameron Loxdale interview

Following the release of their new online sitcom Sadface, Why did the Chicken? caught up with the show's writers Kat Sadler and Cameron Loxdale to discover the secret of their success...

Why Did The Chicken?, 10th October 2017

Lou Sanders review

Lou Sanders excludes playful and imaginative charm. Her infectious energy blended with her quirky personality feels larger-than-life but also unmistakably genuine and because of this, she is a joy to watch.

Kat Sadler, Funny Women, 29th July 2016

Helen Duff: Smasher review

"Just imagine we're in some sort of sex well," Helen Duff suggests, gesturing around the dungeon-like venue at the Vault Festival. Dancing around the stage in a bright blue mac in a sac and matching neon tights, she goes on to explain that she is dressed as a gigantic sperm. I'm fascinated, confused, maybe aroused and definitely a bit frightened. This is the power of Helen Duff.

Kat Sadler, Funny Women, 2nd March 2016

Dry Humour review

Overall the night was a joy to watch, and an interesting alternative to a regular comedy night.

Kat Sadler, Funny Women, 20th January 2016