John Hastings

John Hastings is a Canadian stand-up comedian.

Year Production Role
2023 John Hastings: The Times They Are A John Hastings Self
2023 Kendal Calling Self
2023 Truck Festival Self
2023 Tramlines Self
2023 John Hastings: Do You Have Any Ointment My John Hastings? Self
2022 The Good, The Bad And The Unexpected - Series 12
  1. E1 - Episode One
2022 Late Night Fun-splosion Self
2022 John Hastings: Do You Have Any Ointment My John Hastings Self
2019 Colt Cabana and John Hastings Do Comedy and Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches Self
2019 John Hastings: 10 John Hastings I Hate About You Self
2018 John Hastings: Float Like a Butterfly, John Hastings Like a Bee Self
2017 Dave Green's Street View Show
  1. E36 - John Hastings
2017 ...At The Stand - Fred At The Stand
  1. E1 - Episode One
2017 Stand Up Central - Series 3 Guest
2017 Anything Can Be A Podcast Returns Again For The Third Time! With John Hastings Self
2017 John Hastings: Audacity Self
2017 Late'n'Live Self
2017 Sam Delaney's News Thing
  1. E11 - England vs. Scotland
2016 John Hastings: Integrity Self
2015 John Hastings: Marked from the Start Self
2015 Late'n'Live Self
2015 Anything Can Be a Podcast Podcast Returns! Self
2014 Seann Walsh's Late Night Comedy Spectacular - 2014
  1. Episode One
2014 Anything Can Be a Podcast! Podcast! Self
2014 John Hastings - Adventure Self
2013 The Comedy Reserve Self
2012 John Hastings: UnRelentless Self

Non-comedy TV and film credits may be found here:
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Amused Moose Comedy Award 2015
Main Award (Nominee)
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