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This show operates under the pay what you want (PWYW) model. To guarantee entry, buy a ticket in advance. Ticket-holders will be seated first. Any empty seats will then be filled from the free queue and audiences asked to leave a donation at the end.


180: Monkey Barrel Comedy (Carnivore)
Room: Carnivore 1

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Monkey Barrel Comedy


Stand-up comedy for chill kids and bad asses is... A "volatile" "experiment" in "late" "night" "stand" "up" "comedy". A promising delight. A grand diversion from many far worse things. A comedy utopia as never before seen. An idea two pals thought up baked? Co-hosted by acclaimed comedy heavyweights John Hastings and Laura Davis, featuring highly esteemed guests. Two shows only. Different each night.

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Show on 16th is 60 minutes long.



Date Time Venue
15th Aug 23:05 Monkey Barrel Comedy (Carnivore) (Carnivore 1)
16th Aug 22:35 Monkey Barrel Comedy (Carnivore) (Carnivore 2)

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