John Hastings: Marked from the Start

John Hastings: Marked from the Start. John Hastings.

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Stand-up show starring John Hastings performed on the following days in August 2015...

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John is a premature born, twitchy, nervous yet confident, agnostic, coddled, only grandson in his family. After years of being protected from any sort of responsibility he recently became his nephew's godfather. Come see how this brought John and his father closer together, and discover why the NHS isn't really that bad. ***** (Mirror). ***** ( ***** (Cream of the Fringe). **** (Fest). **** (Now Magazine). Nominated for Martin Sims Award for Best Comedy Show, Perth's Fringe World 2015, and as seen on BBC Three's Seann Walsh's Late Night Comedy Spectacular.

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Born a premature, nervous, agnostic, only Grandson John has spent years being shielded from responsibility, however no amount of coddling could prepare him for becoming a Godfather to his Nephew. Now faced with a lifetime of responsibility Marked From the Start sees John exploring his new role and reflecting on how this could all affect his relationship with his own father, as well as revealing why the NHS isn't so bad after all.

When John moved to London in 2012, he was featured on BBC Radio 4 and as a comedy correspondent. In 2013 he was selected to appear in the Pleasance Comedy Reserve Showcase, following in the path of comedians Jack Whitehall, Holly Walsh and Joe Lycett, before bringing his own solo show Adventure to the Fringe last year. John was the winner of the 2012 COCA Comedian of the Year Award and has recently emerged as one of the stars of Seann Walsh's Late Night Comedy Spectacular on BBC Three. Having performed all over the world John has also found himself nominated for Martin Sims Award for Best Comedy Show at the Perth Fringe World Festival and is fresh off performing at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

As an actor John was part of the ensemble that won the 2011 "Pilot Week" TV show creation competition presented by Insight production, he was also nominated by the Montreal Critic's Circle for his acting in the Tableau D'hote production of "Seven Stories" and was a graduate of the Second City Conservatory Program. John is once again set to return to Montreal this year for the 2015 Just for Laughs Festival, which is by invitation only.

John also hosts his very own Anything Can be a Podcast! Podcast! in which he flexes his improvisation muscles for an hour in order to cover anything that matters, as well as plenty of things which don't.