David Frost.

David Frost

Barry Cryer's favourite photo: award for Frost Report

"I feel like the great survivor when I look at this photograph - a positive pantheon of comedy greats - because so many of the famous faces pictured here have sadly passed away. This was taken in David Frost's garden in 1967 to celebrate us winning the Golden Rose of Montreux for "Frost Over England", a special compilation from the satirical BBC show The Frost Report.

Angela Wintle, The Daily Express, 7th June 2020

Satire is a dying genre - who could satirise this?

When the leader of the free world is a planet-threatening anti-hero so frightening that he would test the credulity of readers of Marvel comics, it's a challenging time for the political satirist.

Ian Burrell, i Newspaper, 4th June 2017

Why the cool kids never liked David Frost

The Sitcom Geek book is finally here. Or there on Amazon, at least. Writing that Sitcom is available for Kindle and Kindle App now. (If you're interested, here's why it's on Kindle and not a 'real book'). Here is the intro to pique your interest yet further.

James Cary, Sitcom Geek, 13th July 2015

Missing 'At Last The 1948 Show' episodes found

Two previously missing episodes of pre-Monty Python sketch series At Last The 1948 Show have been discovered in the personal collection of Sir David Frost.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd October 2014

Sir David Frost leaves £13m in his will

The bulk of his £12,972,433 estate goes to Lady Carina, 62, his wife of more than 30 years.

Benjamin Russell, The Daily Express, 9th October 2014

The Barry Cryer extended interview

Barry Cryer is an incredibly popular entertainer, raconteur and a writer, but don't you dare call him a legend! Martin Walker talks to the great man himself about David Frost, Kenny Everett, John Cleese, Michael McIntyre, Susan Calman, Eric Sykes and Ken Dodd. But first they talk about Twittering On, the show he's performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Colin Sell.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 1st August 2014

Stars gather to honour Sir David Frost

Leading figures from the world of politics and showbusiness have been remembering Sir David Frost at a memorial at Westminster Abbey.

BBC News, 13th March 2014

That was the lunch that was: remembering David Frost

In his last ever recording on The Museum of Curiosity, he was on top form - funny, fascinating, full of insight - it's impossible to believe that someone so full of life is gone.

John Lloyd, BBC Blogs, 4th November 2013