Clive Merrison

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Clive Merrison is an actor.

Known for


Year Production Role
2016 Matt Holness's Horror: Smutch Father Fenton
2015 The Lady In The Van Man in Confessional
2010 Peep Show - Series 7
  1. E5 - Seasonal Beatings
Dan Corrigan
2009 Monday Monday
  1. E7 - Episode Seven
  2. E6 - Episode Six
  3. E4 - Episode Four
2006 The History Boys The Headmaster
2006 The History Boys Felix (Headmaster and Geography Teacher)
1989 The Labours Of Erica - Series 1 Clive Bannister
1988 Double First Derek
1986 The Kit Curran Radio Show - Kit Curran Damien Appleby
1986 Yes, Prime Minister - Series 1
  1. E3 - The Smoke Screen
Dr. Peter Thorne
1985 Mann's Best Friends Irvin
1984 The Kit Curran Radio Show - The Kit Curran Radio Show Damien Appleby
1983 Pinkerton's Progress Actor

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