Bob Slayer: 24 Hour Shows

Bob Slayer: 24 Hour Shows. Bob Slayer.

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Storytelling starring Bob Slayer that was performed at Heroes @ Bob's BlundaBus at 10:45pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2016.


Bob drives his BlundaBus around Europe looking for adventures. He hasn't found one. He's found 24! Twenty-four different stories from Malcolm Hardee and Barry Award-winning storyteller. Stories include: Horse Racist, Banned in Oslo, Spirits of the Fringe, Jongleurs: My Part in Her Downfall, How To Break Your Neck, How To Bully A Welshman, I Get Punched at Funerals, The Day Everything Goes Wrong (this last one will be the only work in progress show!) 'Maverick comedian, half genius, half disaster' ( 'Spirit of the Fringe' (Guardian). All shows listed on

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