Scott Agnew.

Scott Agnew

  1. 20th July via Chortle: Chortle's Fast Fringe is back!

Scott Agnew is a stand-up comedian.


Year Production Role
2020 Breaking The News - Series 17
  1. E1 - Episode One
2020 Breaking The News - Series 16
  1. E9 - Episode Nine
2020 Glasgow International Comedy Festival Self
2019 Breaking The News - Series 13
  1. E7 - Episode Seven
2018 Stop The Press - Series 3
  1. E4 - Episode Four
2017 Scott Agnew: Spunk on Our Lady's Face Self
2016 Scott Agnew: I've Snapped My Banjo String, Let's Just Talk Self
2013 Scott Agnew - Something's Gotta Give Self
2013 The G Spot Self
2012 Scott Agnew: Tales Of The Sauna Self
2011 Scott Agnew's Scottish Breakfast Chat Show Self
2010 Take The Mic Self
2010 Scott Agnew: Pride (In The Name of Love) Self

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