Bob Slayer
Bob Slayer

Bob Slayer

  • Stand-up comedian
Bob Slayer reading from the Chilcot Report as part of Iraq Out & Loud. Bob Slayer
Bob Slayer is a stand-up comedian.

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Comedians' Choice Award, The 2017
Best Person: Winner
Comedians' Choice Award, The 2016
Best Person: Winner
Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2016
Panel Prize: Winner (Iraq Out and Loud)
ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards 2016
Editors' Award: Winner
Ham Fist Prize 2015
Flying Fuck Award: Winner
Comedians' Choice Award, The 2015
Best Person: Nominee
Comedians' Choice Award, The 2014
Best Person: Winner
Malcolm Hardee Awards 2011
Comic Originality: Nominee
Malcolm Hardee Awards 2011
Cunning Stunt: Winner
Malcolm Hardee Awards 2010
Comic Originality: Nominee


Year Production Role
2019 The Jam Society Self
2019 Bob Slayer: Wrote the Copy for This Show in March When He Didn't Have the Foggiest Notion of What Might Happen on Any Given Day in August, He Still Doesn't Really, but At Least He's Found This Snappy Title Self
2018 Bob Slayer: NeverMind the BusStops Self
2018 Bob Slayer Is Bob Slayer (The Eponymous Show) Self
2018 Dave Green's Street View Show
  1. E42 - Bob Slayer
2017 Tony Law And Friends In The Battle For Icetopia Actor
2017 Bastard Entry Self
2017 Bob Slayer: Whatever Next? Self
2017 BlundaBuskers Fringe After-Party & Piano Bar Self
2016 Bob Slayer: 24 Hour Shows Self
2015 BlundaBus: Never Mind the BusStops Self
2015 Bob Slayer: Fat Jockey Self
2015 BlundaBus: RoadShow Self
2014 Bookshop Fringe Encore Self
2014 IndieRound with Bob Slayer & Tim Fitzhigham Self
2013 Patrick Monahan and Bob Slayer Set A World Record! Self
2013 This Is Your Trial Self
2013 Bookshop Midnight Mayhem Self
2013 Bookshop Comedy Encore to the End of August Self
2013 Bob Slayer: Worldwide Bawbag Self
2012 Alternative Fringe Launch / Closing Shows Self
2012 Bob Slayer: He's A Very Naughty Boy Self
2011 Musical Comedy Awards Showcase Self
2010 Bob Slayer's Punk Rock Chat Show Self

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