Patrick Monahan and Bob Slayer Set A World Record!

Patrick Monahan and Bob Slayer Set A World Record!. Image shows from L to R: Patrick Monahan, Bob Slayer.

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Variety starring Patrick Monahan and Bob Slayer performed on the following days in August 2013...

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From the end of Pat's Tuesday 6th show, culminating here Wed 11pm, two of the Fringe's biggest loons form an unlikely double act The Cheeky Boys, and will be setting an endurance record all around the Fringe, up Arthurs Seat, in the castle, Late'n'Live, in your house, police station, hospital etc. They will be turning up at this show with outrageous stories of the last 26 hours. Come and see the hilarious climax of the debut of this never to be repeated annual event.

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7th August Update. The duo hugged for 25 hours, 25 minutes.


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Patrick Monahan Self
Bob Slayer Self