Bob Slayer Is Bob Slayer (The Eponymous Show)

Bob Slayer Is Bob Slayer (The Eponymous Show). Bob Slayer.

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Music starring Bob Slayer that was performed at Heroes @ The SpiegelYurt at 9pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2018.


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Heroes @ The SpiegelYurt (Venue 327)


This show operates under the Pay What You Want (PWYW) model. To guarantee entry, buy a ticket in advance. Tickets holders will be seated first. Then, if there is still space, the free queue will be let in. At the end, anyone who didn't pay will be asked to leave a donation in a bucket.

'Everyone should spend an hour with Bob, loveably chaotic master of one unique Fringe experience after another...' (List). This year Bob's got a new toy made in Russia by a man called Sergey. Anything can happen if you let it. Winner of Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize for Spirit of the Fringe. Also: Chortle Award for Event of the Year, Barry Award for Person of the Fringe, Leicester Comedy Liberty Award, TVBomb Zeitgeist Award and nominated twice for Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality... 'A nightmare living the dream. Amazing...' (