2013 Edinburgh Fringe

This Is Your Trial

  • Comedy (60 minutes)
This Is Your Trial

Put your boss, bridegroom, sister on trial in front of their friends. Our guest judges Tony Law, Mark Dolan and Glenn Wool preside; prosecution and defence counsel are ready to argue. A legal roasting ensues! 'They are guilty of inventing a new thing, an energised free for all courtroom romance of humour defending sense against laughter' (Phil Kay). 'Playing the judge in This Is Your Trial was great fun and I can see this appealing to a large audience' (Norman Lovett). One ticket and the gig is yours!



Date Time Venue
5th Aug 15.30 Heroes @ BlundaBus
6th Aug 15.30 Heroes @ BlundaBus
7th Aug 15.30 Heroes @ BlundaBus
8th Aug 15.30 Heroes @ BlundaBus
9th Aug 15.30 Heroes @ BlundaBus

Press articles

Kate Copstick faces court fraud charges during Fringe

Producer David Allison is staging a series of five shows called This Is Your Trial, three of which are private and only two of which are open to the public.

John Fleming's Blog, 23rd July 2013


Ticket gives entry for a group up to 30.

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