Trodd En Bratt Say Well Done You

Trodd En Bratt Say Well Done You. Image shows from L to R: Ruth Bratt, Lucy Trodd. Copyright: Independent Artists.

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Sketch show starring Ruth Bratt and Lucy Trodd performed on the following days in August 2013...

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Lucy Trodd and Ruth Bratt had a fabulous run at the Laughing Horse Free Festival last year. Now they're back with even more silly and dark material to try out for their brand new BBC Radio 4 sketch show, Trodd En Bratt Say Well Done You, which is scheduled to hit the airwaves in early 2014.

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Trodd En Bratt Say "Well Done You" is a character sketch show from the warmly absurd double act Trodd En Bratt. What happens when you put together jaded (sorry, "experienced") comedy circuit veteran Ruth Bratt (Quick Cuts, Ministry of Curious Stuff, Derek, Mongrels) and "serious circuit" enthusiast Lucy Trodd (famous for her fruit impressions).

Trodd En Bratt Say "Well Done You" is an hour of stimulating silliness and deliberately discomforting characters, improvisation and delightfully dark acting.

Trodd En Bratt perform a set of character-lead observational sketches, occasionally interspersed with moments where Ruth and Lucy play versions of "themselves". The pair honour the golden age of the double act, whilst playing everything from stag do lads trying to "out-lad" each other, to farting choristers, to extremely loud, joke-telling tourists. They can also be seen at the festival performing with The Showstoppers!


Person Role
Lucy Trodd Self
Ruth Bratt Self