Shocked and not a little appalled that this doesn't have its own thread. What have you all been doing with your time (tsk tsk wink).

Right Favourite Episodes

Starting with

The Poetry Society
Wildman of the Woods
Sunday Afternoon (went to see Look Back in Anger recently and only just got the joke)

and for further discussion TV versus Radio braodcasts.

Off you go...(teacherly)

I'm appalled as well! He was great in they think it's all over :D


Are we talking about the BBC series Hancock, the ITV series Hancock, or are we using his surname as a collective for all of his work? :P

Ok, I'm being far too pedantic. Love it all. Getting the new box set for Christmas and can't wait. Keep bursting out laughing in the gym as I listen to HHH on my mp3 player. :D

I used to watch it when I was verrrry young, with my dad.
I don't think I've seen much of it since.

When you were verrrrry young? So that's, about the mid-late 80s then? :)


Oh you're so funny.

Not trying to be funny! Trying to be, uhhh, well, saying you're younger!

Ha! I just assumed you were being rude.

*goes back and actually reads what Aaron wrote*

Aha! All better. I like you again.


Anyhoo, do you know if you were watching repeats, or from a video of some form?

zoo i urge you to go back to it...take another look...all of human sitcom is there (well not all obviously)

but a hellof al otof bottom is pure hancock... in fact any sitcome based on the premise of two or three people stuck in a situation.

Never noticed there wasn't a thread to the great man either.

There is always an old Hancock radio episode on BBC listen again for anybody who'd like to hear this brilliantly written and acted comedy.

I have quite a few of the DVD's and as Aaron says there is a very decent looking boxed set just out. Looks very comprehensive (also there is a similar looking Steptoe release too)

I think that my favourite T H episode is The Bowmans - sublime and peerless. Galton, Simpson and Hancock all at their absolute best.

jesus ...just reread my post ..anyone tell i've a glass or two... i'm heading over the to drunk thread

I only saw the bowmans on TV (did they do a radio one?). ah my love me old beautie (misquote that is annoying me because i cannot remember it - help me out -is ah my old pal me old beautie)

I do rememeber the mangleweasles though

The quote from the 12 Angry Men spoof (One Angry Man?) about Magna Carta is possibly the funniest line in British comedy. I have deliberately not quoted it verbatim so as not to spoil it for those who haven't had the pleasure, and also to disguise that I can't remember it properly.

I'm still not sure where I stand with Hancock.

I'm a bit sketchy here, but I think about the mid-80's, it was suddenly repeated on BBC1 at prime-time (Sunday nights?) with the trailer being the famous blood donor sketch (shown several hundred times before the repeats started). I remember not finding the series funny and I'm sure it wasn't well received by many (mainly because it had allegedly dated). I'm sure it hasn't been repeated much, or at all, since on terrestrial. Correct me if i'm wrong.


I have seen clips and the odd episode since then and have warmed to it a lot more, appreciating how good the writing is, as well as the brilliance of the great man himself. Will certainly give it another try, because I must have missed something first time around.