Confessions Of A Driving Instructor. Timothy Lea (Robin Askwith). Copyright: Columbia Pictures
Confessions Of A Driving Instructor

Confessions Of A Driving Instructor

  • 1976 film

Comedy about a driving instructor who is a magnet for women of all ages. Stars Robin Askwith, Anthony Booth, Doris Hare, Bill Maynard, Sheila White and more.

Cast & crew credits

Robin Askwith Timothy Lea
Anthony Booth Sidney Noggett
Doris Hare Mrs. Lea
Bill Maynard Walter
Sheila White Rosie Nogett
Windsor Davies Henry . Truscott
Liz Fraser Mrs. Chalmers
Irene Handl Miss. Slenderparts
George Layton Tony Bender
Lynda Bellingham Mary Truscott
Avril Angers Mrs. Truscott
John Junkin Luigi
Donald Hewlett Chief Examiner
Chrissy Iddon Lady Snodley
Sally Faulkner Mrs. Dent
Maxine Casson Avril Chalmers
Ballard Berkeley Lord Snodley
Suzy Mandel Mrs. Hargreaves
Peter Godfrey P.C. Wood
Damaris Hayman Tweedy Golfing Lady
Anthony Morton Violinist
Geoffrey Hughes Postman
Sally Adez Female Examiner
Daniel Chamberlain Jason Noggett
Rocky Taylor Monks Hill Rugger Player
Bill Hemmings Monks Hill Rugger Player
Christopher Driscoll (as Chris Driscoll) Monks Hill Rugger Player
Matt Kilroy Monks Hill Rugger Player
Terry Richards Monks Hill Rugger Player
Lewis Collins Monks Hill Rugger Player
Robert Putt Old Borstalite
Peter Green Old Borstalite
Peter O'Farrell Old Borstalite
Ron Dee Old Borstalite
Steven Calcutt Old Borstalite
Tim Stern Old Borstalite
Caledonian Highlanders Pipe Band Musical Performer
Writing team
Christopher Wood Writer
Production team
Norman Cohen Director
Greg Smith Producer
Michael Klinger Executive Producer
Geoffrey Foot Editor
Albert Witherick Production Designer
Marilyn Johnson Casting Director
Ken Hodges Director of Photography
Ed Welch Composer
Bill Westley 1st Assistant Director

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