Sheila White

Sheila White was an actor.

Known for


Year Production Role
2000 A Many Splintered Thing - Series 1
  1. E3 - Episode Three
Priscilla Grove
1991 Very Big Very Soon Avril
1983 Don't Rock The Boat - Series 2 Dixie
1982 Don't Rock The Boat - Series 1 Dixie
1977 Confessions From A Holiday Camp Rosie Nogett
1976 Confessions Of A Driving Instructor Rosie Nogett
1975 Confessions Of A Pop Performer Rosie Noggett
1974 Confessions Of A Window Cleaner Rosie Noggett
1971 That's Your Funeral - Series 1
  1. E4 - What's In A Name
1970 Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert - Series 2 Vivian McKewan
1969 Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert - Series 1 Vivian McKewan

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