Greg Smith (I)

  • Producer

Greg Smith is a producer.

Year Production Role
1986 Prospects
  1. E1 - The P To S Day
1983 Cuffy
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  1. E1 - Cuffy And A Carpetbagger
  2. E2 - Cuffy And A Holiday
  3. E3 - Cuffy And A Fashion Show
  4. E4 - Cuffy And A Downpour
  5. E5 - Cuffy And A Status Quo
  6. E6 - Cuffy And A Green Eye
Executive Producer
1980 Shillingbury Tales Producer
1979 Tropic Executive Producer
1977 Confessions From A Holiday Camp Producer
1977 Stand Up Virgin Soldiers Producer
1976 Confessions Of A Driving Instructor Producer
1975 Confessions Of A Pop Performer Producer
1974 Confessions Of A Window Cleaner Producer
1972 Adolf Hitler: My Part In His Downfall (as Gregory Smith) Producer

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Gregory Smith
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