Carry On Again Doctor. Image shows from L to R: Dr James Nookey (Jim Dale), Maud 'Goldie Locks' Boggins (Barbara Windsor)
Carry On Again Doctor

Carry On Again Doctor

  • 1969 film

A doctor stumbles upon a shaman's weight-reducing potion and, realising the potential, returns to England with the aim of making a fortune. Stars Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Jim Dale, Joan Sims and more.

Carry On Again Doctor trivia

Production was held up by one day when the first take of Jim Dale's trolley-ride down the stairs went wrong, leaving the actor injured and in need of hospital treatment.

Rank lawyers were concerned with various aspects of the film, including plots and character names, for similarity to their other hit comedy series, the Doctor movies. Produced by Peter Rogers's wife, Betty Box and Gerald Thomas's brother Ralph Thomas, the films were based on the books of Richard Gordon, who was at the time also developing them to become a television sitcom with LWT.

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