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Introducing Improv Mullet

Monday 18th September

Sean Mason from improv collective Comedy Sportz UK talks about how it is hard to 'sell' an improvised show to audiences, and explains his group's latest format...


John Kearns interview

Saturday 16th September

After finding unprecedented success with his first two hour-long offerings in 2013 and 2014, John Kearns talks about returning with new show Don't Worry They're Here.


Glamorous sitcoms

Monday 11th September

A lot of British sitcoms feature financial struggles at the heart of the, but here are six shows in which the characters have no money worries.


Edinburgh Fringe Extra

Friday 1st September

From a poster made out of parsley to bin-based bruises, the BCG team rounds up some interesting and funny stories and stunts from the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe.