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Still Game. Image shows from L to R: Victor McDade (Greg Hemphill), Jack Jarvis (Ford Kiernan). Image credit: The Comedy Unit.

Still Game

Scottish pensioners Jack and Victor strike a blow against ageism with their rascally antics

2002 - 2007  (BBC One Scotland / BBC Two)
44 (6 series)
Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Paul Riley, Mark Cox, Jane McCarry, Sanjeev Kohli, Gavin Mitchell, Paul Young, Jake D'Arcy, Sandy Nelson, Shamshad Akhtar & more
Greg Hemphill, Ford Kiernan
The Comedy Unit
& Effingee Productions

Lovable old codgers Jack and Victor are always ready for adventure, and always game for a laugh. Between them they prove that growing old is about more than just a free bus pass.

Jack and Victor share their adventures with the rest of their friends from the Craiglang estate. These including local gossip Isa, straight-talking shop keeper Navid, angry Winston and miserly Tam.

Our Review: Still Game is Scotland's most successful comedy export for quite some time - and quite deserved this success is too. It is crucially both funny and lovable in equal measures.

The reason Still Game is perhaps so loved is that it brings a smile to the face, every episode, without fail. Many viewers might find the Scottish accent hard to decipher at first, but stick with it as the rewards are worth it.

The latest series (season six) saw the introduction of guest cameos, more ambitious stunts and some new linear storylines (e.g. Tam having a baby).

Sadly that's the end of Still Game now though. The two creators have fallen out with little to no chance they'll be friends again, let alone make another series together. See our press clippings section for more on this.