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The Comedy Unit.

A successful producer of Scottish-based comedy shows, The Comedy Unit was established in 1996, and sold to RDF Media in 2006. The company's hits span television and radio, including Still Game, Watson's Wind-Up and Rab C Nesbitt. The Comedy Unit is part of Banijay.

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Current productions

Status Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
Current Online Stevens & McCarthy. Image shows from L to R: Gayle Telfer Stevens, Louise McCarthy. Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Stevens & McCarthy iPlayer Sketch Show Sketch show starring Gayle Telfer Stevens and Louise McCarthy.
Current Online Two For One. Image shows from L to R: Brenda (Joyce Falconer), Kendra (Kendra McPherson). Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Two For One iPlayer Sitcom Sitcom about two department store workers.
Returning Radio Fags, Mags And Bags. Image shows from L to R: Sanjay (Omar Raza), Ramesh (Sanjeev Kohli), Dave (Donald Mcleary), Alok (Susheel Kumar). Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Fags, Mags And Bags Radio 4 Sitcom Radio 4 comedy about a proud Scottish shopkeeper and his tireless quest to please an ungrateful public.
Returning TV The Scotts. Image shows from L to R: Henry Scott (Iain Connell), Vincent Scott (Robert Florence). Copyright: The Comedy Unit. The Scotts BBC1 Scot Sitcom Reality show spoof in which Robert Florence and Iain Connell play two brothers.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
TV Scot Squad. Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson (Jack Docherty). Scot Squad BBC Scotland Sitcom Semi-improvised documentary spoof following the Scottish police force.
TV Burnistoun. Image shows from L to R: Robert Florence, Iain Connell. Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Burnistoun BBC Scotland Sketch Show Robert Florence and Iain Connell write and star in this BBC Scotland sketch show based around the residents of a fictional town.
TV Still Game. Image shows from L to R: Victor McDade (Greg Hemphill), Jack Jarvis (Ford Kiernan). Still Game BBC Scotland Sitcom Scottish sitcom about pensioners Jack and Victor, a duo who strike a blow against ageism with their rascally antics.
Radio Sketchorama. Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Sketchorama Radio 4 Sketch Show Radio 4's showcase of sketch acts. Featuring established and up-and-coming sketch groups performing in front of a live studio audience.
TV Rab C. Nesbitt. Rab C. Nesbitt (Gregor Fisher). Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Rab C. Nesbitt BBC2 Sitcom Long-running Scottish sitcom starring Gregor Fisher as Rab C Nesbitt, a rude, dirty, lazy, foul-mouthed, sexist alcoholic.
TV Limmy's Show!. Brian Limond. Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Limmy's Show! BBC2 Scot Sketch Show Internet sensation Limmy makes the jump to television in a sketch comedy series for BBC Scotland.
TV Gary: Tank Commander. Gary McLintoch (Greg McHugh). Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Gary: Tank Commander BBC1 Scot Sitcom Sitcom starring Greg McHugh as Gary McLintoch, a soldier who returns home from Iraq to the barracks and offers unique insights into both worlds.
Radio Mordrin McDonald: 21st-Century Wizard. Mordrin McDonald (David Kay). Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Mordrin McDonald: 21st-Century Wizard Radio 4 Sitcom Radio sitcom about the magically mundane world of a powerful sorcerer who is finding modern life a bit rubbish.
Radio Watson's Wind-Up. Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Watson's Wind-Up Radio Scot Sketch Show Topical comedy sketch series that takes an alternative look at the stories that have been making the news headlines.
TV Chewin' The Fat. Copyright: The Comedy Unit. Chewin' The Fat BBC1 Scot Sketch Show Sketch show centred around the talents of Scottish actors Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill and Karen Dunbar.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2021 Online Sketch Show Stevens & McCarthy
2021 Online Sitcom Two For One
2020 TV Sitcom The Scotts
2019 Online Comedy Scot Squad: The Chief Does Edinburgh
2019 TV Comedy Scotland Unsolved
2018 TV Sketch Show The State Of It
2018 TV Sitcom Tourist Trap
2017 TV Comedy Anna Mann's Valentine
2016 Online Sitcom Fail
2015 TV Sketch Show Planet Hogmanay
2015 Radio Sketch Show So On & So Forth
2015 Radio Variety Victoria Van Helsing And The Curse Of Crossmyloof
2014 TV Sketch Show 2014 - The Rory Review
2014 TV Sketch Show How Do I Get Up There?
2014 Radio Stand-Up Planet Mearns
2014 TV Comedy Drama Scotland In A Day
2013 TV Sitcom Badults
2013 Radio Sitcom Legend Of The Holyrood Vampires
2013 Radio Sketch Show Lewis Macleod's Wired News
2013 Radio Sitcom Maldini's
2013 TV Sketch Show Rory Goes To Holyrood
2012 Radio Sketch Show Meanwhile, It's Will & Greg
2012 TV Sitcom Scot Squad
2012 Radio Sketch Show Sketchorama
2011 Radio Sitcom Laverloch Findo Speaks
2010 TV Sketch Show Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights
2010 Radio Sitcom Mordrin McDonald: 21st-Century Wizard
2010 Radio Sitcom Through
2009 TV Sketch Show Burnistoun
2009 TV Sitcom Gary: Tank Commander
2009 TV Sketch Show Limmy's Show!
2009 TV Documentary The Story Of Slapstick
2008 TV Sketch Show Barely Legal
2008 TV Sketch Show The Incredible Will & Greg
2007 Radio Sitcom Fags, Mags And Bags
2007 Radio Sitcom The Exterminating Angels
2002 TV Sitcom Snoddy
2002 TV Sitcom Still Game
2000 Radio Sketch Show Watson's Wind-Up
1993 TV Sketch Show Only An Excuse?
1988 TV Sitcom Rab C. Nesbitt
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