Sorry, I've Got No Head. Justin Edwards. Image credit: So Television.

Sorry, I've Got No Head

A hit comedy sketch show for CBBC written by and starring a host of well-known comedy names

Sketch Show
2008 - 2011  (CBBC / BBC One)
39 (3 series)
David Armand, James Bachman, Marcus Brigstocke, Anna Crilly, Justin Edwards, Mel Giedroyc, Marek Larwood, Nick Mohammed, William Andrews, Mark Evans, Fergus Craig & more
David Armand, Marc Blakewill, James Harris, Marcus Brigstocke, Anna Crilly, Toby Davies, Justin Edwards, Mark Evans, Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris, Moray Hunter
So Television

Sorry, I've Got No Head is a fast-paced and irreverent "grown-up" sketch show for children, in which all the roles are played by adults.

Favourites include Jasmine and Prudith, who think everything will cost "a thousand pounds"; the Fearless Vikings, who are scared of everything; and Ross from the Outer Hebrides, who has the dubious distinction of being the only pupil in a school with just one teacher.

New characters for Series 2 included Embarrassed Louise, who struggles to deal with an unusual problem; an angry Snowman, who battles for equality in everyday life; and a sitcom featuring a family of dung beetles.

New characters in Series 3 included Colin and Malcolm, the airline trolley dollies who can't stop eating and Tony, who lives down the back of a sofa.

Our Review: You'd have thought a sketch show made for children's TV would be a bit simple and patronising - this comedy is neither of those things. It's just like a normal sketch show, but without any rude words. In fact, it is better that a lot of the sketch shows that are aimed at adults!

As an added bonus, Sorry, I've Got No Head isn't written or performed by obscure unknowns - far from it - British comedy fans should recognise nearly all of the cast (James Bachman and Marcus Brigstocke in drag in the Little Britain-esque Jasmine and Prudith sketches are a particular joy).

Sadly the show has been axed, so there will be no more series of this fun show.