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Series 2 (2010)

1. The New Me

First Broadcast: Mon 15th November 2010

Stevie has her work cut out trying to stop Miranda spending all day in her pyjamas with a packet of biscuits for company, feeling sorry for herself that Gary departed for Hong Kong taking with him her chance of any relationship... no matter how unlikely that was.

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2. Before I Die

First Broadcast: Mon 22nd November 2010

Miranda's recent experience in the graveyard gets her thinking. This week she starts to worry what her life is all about and what people would say at her funeral.

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3. Let's Do It

First Broadcast: Mon 29th November 2010

Things are looking up for Miranda's love life when as she finds herself with two dates and two men vying for her affections. As always with Miranda, these things are never simple and she risks losing out on her perfect man.

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4. A New Low

First Broadcast: Mon 6th December 2010

There's a new girl on the scene this week and Miranda and Stevie find it tough going to keep up with her youthful energy and frenetic lifestyle.

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5. Just Act Normal

First Broadcast: Mon 13th December 2010

Miranda has some difficulty convincing people she's not actually having a breakdown.

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6. The Perfect Christmas

First Broadcast: Mon 20th December 2010

Miranda tries to have the perfect Christmas in the final episode of the comedy series but, with a mum and dad like hers, it's not easy.

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