Miranda. Image shows from L to R: Gary (Tom Ellis), Penny (Patricia Hodge), Miranda (Miranda Hart), Stevie (Sarah Hadland), Clive (James Holmes). Copyright: BBC.


BBC One and BBC Two sitcom starring Miranda Hart. 22 episodes (3 series), 2009 - 2015. Stars Miranda Hart, Sarah Hadland, Patricia Hodge, Tom Ellis and others.

Series 1

Miranda. Miranda (Miranda Hart). Copyright: BBC.

1. Date

First broadcast: Monday 9th November 2009

After an impromptu 'date' is planned with long-term crush Gary Preston, Miranda decides to take a trip to the new 'bespoke' clothing store, Transformers, to pick an outfit guaranteed to stop people calling her sir to her face.

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Miranda. Mr Clayton (Peter Davison). Copyright: BBC.

2. Teacher

First broadcast: Monday 16th November 2009

Miranda is rather British when it comes to sex, or shenanigans as she likes to call it. Trying to overcome her hang-ups she decides the way forward with Gary would be to create a romantic moment so he'll see her in a sexual light.

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Miranda. Miranda (Miranda Hart). Copyright: BBC.

3. Job

First broadcast: Monday 23rd November 2009

Miranda heads to the gym and, after a fuchsia-face-inducing workout, decides it's perhaps not quite for her. She must therefore find a way of getting out of her water-tight contract with the gym.

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4. Holiday

First broadcast: Monday 30th November 2009

Miranda decides she needs to be a bit reckless and wild and so decides to book a holiday at the local hotel down the road.

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5. Excuse

First broadcast: Monday 7th December 2009

Penny decides to throw a Pride And Prejudice party in a bid to introduce Miranda to some eligible young men.

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6. Dog

First broadcast: Monday 14th December 2009

The discovery of a handsome stranger's lost wallet in the shop prompts one of Miranda and Stevie's infamous competitions.

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