Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

In this inventive spoof of 1980s TV, author Garth Marenghi introduces his long-lost drama about a doctor battling evil forces

2004  (Channel 4)
6 (1 series)
Matthew Holness, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Alice Lowe, Kim Noble
Matthew Holness, Richard Ayoade
Avalon Television

A cult series which aimed to spoof the fantasy horror genre and mock low-budget 1980s TV dramas.

The series sees horror author Garth Marenghi (Matthew Holness) introducing the first UK broadcast of his 'terrifying and radical' 1980s TV drama Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.

Dr. Rick Dagless M.D. is a maverick doctor battling against the evil forces lurking beneath a hospital in Romford. He is assisted by Dr. Lucien Sanchez, Dr. Liz Asher and hospital boss Thornton Reed.

The 'archive' episodes broadcast are inter-spliced with recent interviews conducted with three of the drama's key players - Marenghi himself, his publisher, business associate and co-star, Dean Learner (Richard Ayoade) and cult horror star Todd Rivers (Matt Berry). Madeleine Wool (Alice Lowe), who played Dr. Liz Asher when the show was filmed in the 1980s, doesn't seem to be around to take part in the documentary though.

Our Review: A bizarre and hilarious mockumentary sitcom send-up of all the cheesy 1980s dramas that can be seen on daytime TV.

The inventive use of 'modern day' interviews and the intentionally terrible acting, dodgy camerawork, and hammy dialogue make this a highly original comedy and one of our all time favourites!