Year Of The Rabbit. Detective Inspector Rabbit (Matt Berry). Copyright: Objective Productions.

Year Of The Rabbit

Channel 4 sitcom starring Matt Berry. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Matt Berry, Freddie Fox, Susan Wokoma, Alun Armstrong and others.

Press Clippings

Year Of The Rabbit writers plan Series 2

Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley - the writers of Year Of The Rabbit - say they have "sketched out" some ideas for Series 2, although it has yet to be commissioned.

British Comedy Guide, 16th July 2019

Lewd and ludicrous, the Victorian spoof detective drama shambles its way to a characteristically chaotic conclusion, as our hopeless hero is labelled "the most wanted man in London". Which villain of the piece is behind the stitch-up? Enjoy watching Rabbit's battle to clear his name.

Mike Bradley, The Guardian, 15th July 2019

Regularly rejuvenated by an endless supply of lewd expressions accompanying ever more ludicrous plots, the Victorian police spoof is winning more and more hearts by the week. Tonight, the racist politico Neil Fromage is the first victim of a sniper, and Rabbit fears that the visiting Bulgarian prince in his care may be the next target.

Mike Bradley, The Guardian, 1st July 2019

Farage blasts sitcom for assassination of Neil Fromage

Nigel Farage has blasted Channel 4 over a "sick" comedy show in which a right wing campaigner named Neil Fromage is shot in the head.

Mark Hodge, The Sun, 30th June 2019

DI Rabbit is at his rascally best as Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil's riotous Victorian police spoof finds him on the trail of a killer known as the Brick Man. At last we learn more about Keeley Hawes's mysterious character, who steps out of the shadows long enough to lure would-be "ladyfilth" Mabel into her orbit.

Mike Bradley, The Guardian, 17th June 2019

Even Matt Berry couldn't save Year of the Rabbit from itself. A spoof Victorian London drama comedy of the sort seen only about a million times since the dawn of television, it wanted to be Ripper Street with giggles. It ended up being The Two Ronnies' "phantom raspberry blower of old London town" with, astonishingly, fewer laughs. And much much filth. The gags, it seems in hindsight, were all about disability, prostitutes and mud, and all done with a certain frenetic foul-mouthiness substituting for actual humour. I may have misread the opening episode, and it will doubtless be to the taste of some souls. But if this is the start of Channel 4's vaunted "summer of comedy", bring on ye autumnal mists.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 16th June 2019

Review: Channel 4's Year of the Rabbit is silly & smart

Essentially The Sweeney in Victorian times (in fact the show's original working title was Ye Sweeney), Year of the Rabbit proves to be a winning mix of smart but silly gags with a first-rate cast.

Sophie Davies, The Custard TV, 11th June 2019

Year Of The Rabbit review

Berry's cockney accent is a bit dodgy and he forgets to do it half the time which just seems strange, there's a couple of scenes which are pointless, like the bit where Rabbit gets beaten up in a pub, and the dialogue needs to be sharper in general.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 11th June 2019

Year Of The Rabbit is stupid, filthy and brilliant

It was gloriously stupid, tightly written, superbly acted and absolutely filthy.

Ian Hyland, The Mirror, 10th June 2019

Year of the Rabbit review

Silly and gleefully sweary ... but where were the gags?

Tim Dowling, The Guardian, 10th June 2019