Tripped. Image shows from L to R: Milo Edwards (George Webster), Danny Gates (Blake Harrison). Copyright: Mammoth Screen / Two Brothers Pictures


  • TV comedy drama
  • E4
  • 2015
  • 4 episodes (1 series)

Comedy drama set amidst parallel universes, starring Blake Harrison and George Webster as a pair of friends trying to get home. Also features Georgina Campbell, Richard Gadd, Jamie Demetriou and Phillip Rhys.

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Series 1, Episode 1

Tripped. Image shows from L to R: Danny Gates (Blake Harrison), Callum (Richard Gadd). Copyright: Mammoth Screen / Two Brothers Pictures
Milo consumes a bag of magic mushrooms in the toilet and bids Danny farewell forever. Suddenly a man with a massive sword materialises in mid-air above his coffee table - it's Danny, but a different Danny in armour and with a beard.

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Milo Edwards is horrified to discover at his best friend Danny Gates' engagement party that he has been overlooked as his best man.

They've been best friends since forever, but they hardly ever hang out nowadays. Milo thinks it's all because of Danny's fiancée Kate but actually Danny's sick of Milo's refusal to grow up.

Devastated, Milo consumes a bag of magic mushrooms in the toilet and bids Danny farewell forever. He stumbles home and starts to roll another joint. Suddenly a man with a massive sword materialises in mid-air above his coffee table - it's Danny, but a different Danny in armour and with a beard. Milo thinks it's all a big trip (this kind of thing happens to him all the time), but next thing, a terrifying and very real shaven-headed assassin Callum appears and tries to kill them both.

A wounded Danny manages to kill Callum but disappears into thin air, leaving Milo with a dead body on his bedroom floor and only the world "Goldenmire" as a clue to this madness.

Milo calls the real Danny for help, who as always comes to his rescue. When playing around with a wristband they find on Callum's arm, they are both inadvertently thrown into a parallel world where everything seems drastically different.

The only chance that either of them has of getting home is finding another one. If that weren't complicated enough, it turns out that Callum is in this world too and still wants to kill them.


No director was credited on this episode.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 8th December 2015
50 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Saturday 12th December 2015 2:00am E4

Cast & crew

Blake Harrison Danny Gates
George Webster Milo Edwards
Georgina Campbell Kate
Richard Gadd Callum
Jamie Demetriou Paul
Phillip Rhys Pete
Guest cast
Ann Penfold Jenny
Writing team
Harry Williams Writer
Jack Williams Writer
Paul Testar Script Editor
Andrew Ellard Script Editor
Jamie Mathieson Writer
Production team
James Dean Producer
Preethi Mavahalli Executive Producer
Damien Timmer Executive Producer
Jack Williams Executive Producer
Harry Williams Executive Producer
Betsan Morris Evans Post Production Producer
Mark Davis Editor
James Taylor Editor
Andrew Purcell Production Designer
Rowan Sawday (as Dizraeli) Composer


Tripped Trailer

Minds are flipped in new mind-bending comedy-drama Tripped.

Featuring: Blake Harrison (Danny Gates), George Webster (Milo Edwards) & Richard Gadd (Callum).


Tripped is a new E4 comedy drama that focuses on two friends and a number of multiple dimensions. Tripped's lead characters are stoner Milo (George Webster) and his more responsible friend Danny (Blake Harrison) who has recently got engaged to girlfriend Kate (Georgina Campbell). Danny's decision to choose a work colleague over Milo as his best man leads to him getting stoned and then confused when a bearded version of his friend arrives in his front room warning him of various dangers. There begins a rather confusing first episode which plays like Quantum Leap meets Harold and Kumar as Danny and Milo start to play with time travel. The first alternate universe they encounter sees Danny become Kate's stalker and Milo welcoming the return of his dead grandmother however things get weird when she starts to come on to him. I did have high hopes for Tripped due to the fact that its co-written by The Missing's Jack and Harry Williams alongside Jamie Mathieson who has written for a number of different sci-fi shows. Unfortunately I never really got on board with Tripped as its key concept never appealed to me and its characters were rather one-dimensional. Although I liked the idea of two friends bonding together after several years apart, everything about the relationship between Danny and Milo was a little clichéd. Similarly I felt that the wonderful Georgina Campbell was once again wasted in the thankless girlfriend role just like she was in Sky One's After Hours. On the plus side I do feel that this is the first successful post-Inbetweeners vehicle for Blake Harrison after the disastrous Edge of Heaven and Big Bad World. George Webster is also a promising talent however I don't think he and Harrison shared much chemistry which hindered the majority of the story. Whilst I'm sure Tripped will find an audience, sadly I won't be one of them as I found it a rather lacklustre execution of a promising premise.

Matt, The Custard TV, 11th December 2015

Tripped review

The best word for E4's newest comedy is 'amiable'.

Sarah Hughes, Frame Rated, 10th December 2015

Tripped review

Despite a great concept - man about to abandon his old mate for marriage is sucked down a multidimensional portal with him - this was less than the sum of its parts.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 9th December 2015

Cheerful stoner Milo (George Webster) and Danny (Blake Harrison) are best chums, but Danny is moving on, with a job in pet insurance and wedding to plan with fiancee Kate (Georgina Campbell). Fortuitously, the pair are thrown back together when another Danny from a parallel universe turns up dressed in futuristic leathers in Milo's living room, followed by a sword-wielding psychopath bent on murdering them both. It's complicated. But clever, funny and poignant, too. Think Highlander meets Spaced meets Doctor Who.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 8th December 2015

'Tripped' episode 1 review

It leaves the show feeling far more disposable than its premise and four-episode run should make it feel. But there is promise here.

Rob Smedley, Cult Box, 5th December 2015

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