Tripped. Image shows from L to R: Milo Edwards (George Webster), Danny Gates (Blake Harrison). Copyright: Mammoth Screen / Two Brothers Pictures


  • TV comedy drama
  • E4
  • 2015
  • 4 episodes (1 series)

Comedy drama set amidst parallel universes, starring Blake Harrison and George Webster as a pair of friends trying to get home. Also features Georgina Campbell, Richard Gadd, Jamie Demetriou and Phillip Rhys.

Character guide

Tripped. Danny Gates (Blake Harrison). Copyright: Mammoth Screen / Two Brothers Pictures

Danny Gates

Played by: Blake Harrison

Once upon a time, Danny was 'Dangerous Dan', an I'll-try-anything-once hedonist, but he's recently decided it's time to grow up.

He's been promoted in his pet insurance job, he's 'getting his big boy on' - and he's getting married to the girl of his dreams, Kate. He's also decided not to ask Milo to be best man at his wedding in favour of the extraordinary bore Paul.

His adventure with Milo through parallel worlds forces him to evaluate their friendship and think carefully about whether he is really ready to settle down and marry.

Tripped. Milo Edwards (George Webster). Copyright: Mammoth Screen / Two Brothers Pictures

Milo Edwards

Played by: George Webster

Milo is a full-time stoner and Danny's best friend since they were kids.

He has been brought up by his granny, Jenny, as his parents died when he was little.

Since Jenny died, Milo has lived on his own in her house, turning it into a stoner cave and refusing to engage in real life.

He is devastated when Danny chooses Paul to be best man instead of him. As he travels through different worlds and meets different versions of himself, Milo is forced to take a cold, hard look at some of the decisions he has made in life and decide whether it's time now for a change.

Tripped. Kate (Georgina Campbell). Copyright: Mammoth Screen / Two Brothers Pictures


Kate is Danny's long-term girlfriend and now fiancée. She desperately wants Danny to start behaving like an adult and knows that he won't until he stops getting high with Milo.

There's no love lost between those two - Milo blames her for Danny's conversion to Mr Sensible and Kate blames Milo for constantly trying to derail things for Danny.

Tripped. Callum (Richard Gadd). Copyright: Mammoth Screen / Two Brothers Pictures


Played by: Richard Gadd

Callum is trying to kill Danny and Milo... but we're not quite sure why.

When he first appears out of thin air, a wristband Danny and Milo find on his arm throws them into a parallel world where everything seems drastically different. The only chance that either of them has of getting home is to find another wristband.

If that weren't complicated enough, it turns out that Callum is in this world too and still wants to kill them...

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